The Main Deck is D-O-N-E and so is my window trim sanding!

24Apr15 – Yesterday was a momentous day:

1. The main deck was finished – what a triumph!  Now we’re rounding the corner to the porch entrance.  I’m ready to get out the Adirondack chairs I purchased two years ago and start using them!

2.  My sanding of the main floor windows and doors is complete – thank the Lord!

3.  After scurrying around like crazy people the past 2 weeks, we found a nice temporary rental for our Carriage House renters. We slowly  began to realize that a June 15th C.O. isn’t on the radar and they (& their 3 animals) were going to be homeless 6 weeks because of our delay.  Now we’re shooting for August 1st.  Oh, please………..

Today, the stone masons have returned to finish up some stonework that needs to be done for the arrival of Fred, our Landscape designer, on Monday.  I will finally be saying good-bye to my “construction-site” of a yard.  It almost feels too good to be true.  I’ll be sure to post lots of pics for this grand accomplishment!

Have a great weekend.   ;- )


Spring on the Mountain and Rim Hike #3

21Apr15 – Spring is really beautiful on the mountain this year.  All this emerging greenery is so uplifting.

After a rainy week, Mark and Lewis are back to finish the main deck.  Can’t believe it’s almost done!

Steve and I are working on finishing up the trim downstairs and clear coating windows/doors on the main floor.  I just finished sanding the last window in the kitchen before the gloss coats go on.  Then one more sanding of the kitchen windows/door, the satin coat and we’re done with windows & doors.  What a relief – that’s a lot of tedious work!  Toward the end of the process even great tunes didn’t relieve the monotony.  But it all looks really good.    ;- )

Our Maple Forest Cottage now has a working Toilet

13Apr15 – Our Maple Forest Cottage now has a working toilet!  This is big news after over 2 years of having to walk/run through the main house, through the garage, up the Carriage house stairs and finally into the only (inside) bathroom around.  Yes, this is definitely big.

Mark worked this weekend on the demi-lune section of the main deck since we’re forecast to have rain for the next 10 consecutive days.  Bummer.  Those April showers…….

Steve is continuing on the trim work and I’m continuing on with the taping and sanding.  I’ve only got the kitchen windows left on my end.  There sure seems to be a lot more windows in this place when you’re eye to eye with them on a daily basis.

More cabinets and Counter Tops are IN!!

06Apr15 – So much has been happening I’ve forgotten to share it with everyone!

We received a couple of our built-ins on Wednesday – our cabinet maker is great, just wish he’d get more done.  Ah, it’s not holding anything up except me moving into some of them!

Thursday was a momentous day – our counter tops were installed!  It was such an exciting day, we had spent so much time finding and fine-tuning what we wanted it was a joy to see the fruits of our labor and the hard work of Mountain Marble & Granite‘s fabricators & installers.  A totally joy filled day.

Steve is sealing and clear coating the maple trim for the basement and main floor – no small task – as well as installing the plumbing fixtures on all the sinks and showers.  I’m sanding windows & taping them for clear coating.  I’ve made it into the living room – no small task, either!

When the weather clears after this week, we should be able to bring back Mark & Lewis to finish up the main deck tiling.  Deck railing order is in que with Welding Unlimited. I’m guessing 4-6 weeks on that.

Lots to do in 10 weeks if we’re to make our June 15th deadline…..

Lewis gets to come out of the Master shower to finish laying tiles

27Mar15 – Today is a momentous day, Lewis finished tiling the inside of the Master shower!!  His loud yelp of delight sent me running to take a pic.  He said it was the longest time he’s spent working in a shower….No doubt.

We are sooo close to being done.  Mark & Lewis will be back on Monday to finish laying the remaining curb tiles and finish grouting whatever they can.  This is sooo cool.

Steve and I have moved to the basement and main floor windows & doors to begin prepping them for the sealer.  I’ve spent hours taping each window pane and protecting the area around each window.  I’m motivated because in our hurry to start the main house, we never sealed or clear coated the woodwork in the Carriage House.  That’s way later in our journey.

No Rest for the Weary….

22Mar15 –  Steve & I got up early and  re-prepped the upstairs trim for the second coat of paint.  The actual spraying took only 45 mins!  We can’t wait for our “Reveal” later today when we take down all the protective covering and see the finished product!

Pablo and crew, our stone masons, are here on a Sunday to finish up our stone piers underneath the main deck.  Our landscaping is going to start in a couple of weeks!  OMG I may actually not have brown mud, dirt, and all that type of dust to deal with after next month.  What a concept.  After 2 1/2 years I’ve begun to think this is just the way we’ll always live.  But Hope springs Eternal and I may just get a pretty, colorful yard yet!

So, I did take some time off from Maple Forest Cottage building yesterday.  I don’t know how restful you’d call it,  but it was great fun.  Here’s a synopsis of the group I’ve been waiting 2 years to join:

The Swannanoa Valley Museum’s exclusive Swannanoa Rim™ hiking series offers eleven hikes that will take place the third Saturday of each month annually. Each hike will cover a portion of the approximately 31 miles of the Swannanoa Rim, which runs from Jesse’s High Top, across Lakey Gap, over Ridgecrest and Montreat, up to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and down to Cedar Cliff above Camp Rockmont. These hikes will be led by experienced hike leaders who are also extremely knowledgeable about the history, topography, and ownership of the land.

23Mar15 – Steve and I got up early to continue with the Cherry banding in bedrm’s #2 & #3. It really adds warmth to the white trim.

Mark & Lewis are back for more work on the master shower.   I’ll post photos later today.



Day 15 Master Shower, painting upstairs trim boards

21Mar15 – Happy Spring!  We all made it!  Now if Mother Nature will cooperate with the calendar….

We’re excited to see the progress in our Master Shower.  Mark and Lewis should finish it up this next week.

Steve spray painted the first coat of the upstairs trim boards today; such a smooth finish. The satin sheen just tops it all off beautifully. Tomorrow we’ll sand and spackle places we missed and he’ll apply a 2nd coat.  Then we get to take down all the painter’s tape and tape & drape and get to see the finished product.  Such fun!  We may even have time to put up the cherry trim!


Removing dust and royal blue painters tape

16Mar15 – I made up a list of remaining tasks to accomplish before we get our C.O. (Certificate of Occupancy) since our new target date is the 10 of June.  Let’s just say, we’re getting up earlier and staying up later working on our Maple Forest Cottage!  We can do it!

Work is continuing on the master shower, may be completed by week’s end.

Steve and I  are removing the dust as best we can in bedrooms #2 & #3 as well as the upstairs hallway as we are preparing to spray paint all the trim boards up there.  Vacuuming, damp rag cleaning, then taping all, yes, ALL the edges of All the trim before we then add the Tape and Drape to protect the walls & floors from over spray.  The painting’s the easy part – Steve will get the first coat on in less than an hour.  The prep?  Well, that’s another story….

Loving the tile in the Master shower….

11Mar15 – Mark & Lewis are making headway in the Master shower.  We’re loving how it is coming out.

Steve is prepping his shower seat for a built-in heat pad run with a thermostat.  What will they think of next?!  (Steve  has:  He wishes he ordered 3 more to put in the walls surrounding the shower seat.  Now that’s a bit posh.  Besides, then he’d never leave the shower!)

Progress on the Master Shower Tile & First signs of Spring!

06Mar15 – We’re making progress on the Master bath shower tile.  It’s so nice to see the bright orange KerdiBoard slowly disappearing!

And today I caught some of the first signs of Spring on my walk.  Thank God, Spring always returns…