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Framing: Days 48 & 49

30Jul13 -Steve and Hugh put in the framing for the porch floor today. With the plywood on top I can finally walk on the porch and get a feel for the space.  Luv it.

Not much new done today on the framing front. The master bedroom pocket door framing had to be de-constructed and re-done because this system for double pocket doors installs differently than the usual single pocket door.  I think we may have the industrial strength version. Steve wants a strong, smooth running set of pocket doors since we’ll be using them every day.

31Jul13 – The master bedroom ceiling was framed in today.  Still a cathedral ceiling but less steep than our beloved 14:12 pitch  – it’s just not practical in this room. We’re going for an energy star rating and this wouldn’t help. Bedroom #2 should have the ceiling joists in when I return home from work.

The stone masons are done with the 3rd retaining wall!  Now they are grading the slope above it.  Then they will move the extra gravel to the front for the driveway to help control all this mud. (17″ of rain in July – normally only 4″ here)

Framing: Day 47

29Jul13 – Framers are continuing to frame the upstairs beds & baths.  I introduced the idea of the loft in Bedroom #3 to Steve and he’s not excited.  Hmmm.  I’ll have to develop a strategy….

Steve & Hugh started the porch today. Got the sill plates in. Tomorrow we may see some floor joists!  I often picture myself on the porch in a comfy lounge chair curled up with a good book.  That day will be here.  Eventually.

Framing: Day 46

26Jul13 – More framing of the upstairs today.  Now I have a very good feel for the bed/bath floor plan.  The DVD didn’t spend much time upstairs so this is exciting to see it for the “1st time”! I really want to add a loft in bedroom #3 for a fun hide-a-way for the grandkids.  How am I ever going to get that change order ok’d by Steve??

Framing: Day 45 – Framing the bedrooms….

25Jul13 – Today the framers began framing the bedroom/bathroom walls.  Normally this is done before the roof goes up, but in our case with all the rain this year we chose to frame the roof first and get it covered with the zip board to partially “dry it in”.  It was fun having the whole upstairs open like a grandmother’s old attic.  All the gables & dormers and no interior walls.  We almost thought of just keeping it open for the two of us, but realized we were lucky enough to experience it like that for the time we had.

The stone masons needed more fill for the remainder of the third retaining wall, so Steve took the occasion to grade our driveway/entryway in the process.  Wow! What a difference! I even took some marking spray paint and drew some temporary lines where I thought I’d like the walk way & landscaping beds.  Difficult to do accurately when the retaining walls at the ends of the house aren’t in yet, but it was fun to try & visualize anyway.

Framing: Days 43 & 44 – Breezeway Days!

23 & 24Jul13 – We’re on to the Breezeway!  This is another one of our modifications to fit the house to our particular site.  We’ve angled the breezeway 30 degrees (actually 26) thus having to lengthen it a bit as well.  This is the one section, so far, that we have not had a good rendering of from the architects plans – it was always on a skew.  It’s fun to see it develop and love the results!  Phew….

After the crew left:   Hmmmm.  Where the cat slide roof meets the breezeway roof is bothering me. I casually mentioned it to Steve because he’s had a hard day on the job, & he says that’s how it’s drawn on the plans. But that’s ‘the architects’ plans & they’ve been a challenge to say the least.  Yet , to me, it feels like the breezeway roof is over taking the cat slide roof. Think I’ll let it go for today, but I can guarantee it’ll be on my mind tomorrow…

Framing: Days 41 & 42

19Jul13 –  Friday the Framers continued on with the cat slide roof and put the ceiling joists up underneath.  They couldn’t finish the zip board yet because they have to build the breezeway roof next, connect the two, then join the zip board from both roofs.

22Jul13 – Off and on all weekend long Steve & I debated on the breezeway roof.  The pitch, the overhang, the stopping point, the dual angled back slope – or not – you name it we were all over it! Only one of the reasons was because the architects made the 2nd bedroom’s bath dormer window 4″ too short and we wanted to make up for some of the lost inches.  I don’t like having to step on my tippy-toes  to look out the bathroom window.

Other reasons why is that we extended the breezeway to allow for our 30 degree angle from house to carriage house, and we extended the width from 12ft to 15 ft.  We also lowered the house 18″ so we would have less stairs to climb in our later years.  How did we want the roof lines from the Carriage House to flow onto the breezeway & onto the House?  Despite the architect’s plans, the results weren’t working for us.

Now, all these changes come at a price of lots and lots of additional math calculations!  And we still hadn’t decided on the best look for the modifications we had made.

We came to agreement just before the Framers arrived this morning ready to frame our beleaguered Breezeway.  From the original plans we went with the:

14:12 pitch & the dual angled back slope (although less length)

The 1’4″ overhang (the rest of the house & carriage house have 2′ overhangs) & stopping the roof overhang right in front of the porch post at 7’5″.

And I’ll get just about 4″ more length in the bathroom dormer window – yahoo!

This all may seem a bit much, but when you’ve got a house with lots of angles that give it its charm you want to make sure you’re doing it justice – and it is no small matter all that you have to take into consideration!  Enough said – here are some photos to show you the process…




Framing: Day 40, Cat Slide Day!

18Jul13 – Today is the day the cat slide rafters are going up – I believe 13 was the final count.  Such an exciting day and I scheduled Dr and Hair appointments months ago for today.  Ugh.  I’m going to miss all the fun!

I got home at 520pm to our Maple Forest Cottage with everything in place except one cat slide rafter &  one sub-fascia board.  WOW!  It’s really looking like the house of my/our dreams now.  What a joy to see it in 3D – our 3D!

Framing: Day 39

17Jul13 – Another sunny day – I could get used to this!

Framing: Day 38

16Jul13 – Beautiful sunny day.  We’re on a roll….

Framers are working on completing (I hope) the master bathroom/front dormer.  Steve and Hugh are beginning the 15 or so cat slide rafters.  It will be so exciting to see the skeleton of the front of the Maple Forest Cottage after all these years of dreaming about it! It’s becoming recognizable.


Framing: Day 37

15Jul13 – Woke up to pea soup fog as they say in New England.  Steve had to make a Home Depot trip to Asheville at opening time and said it was bright & sunny down there.  Go figure.  We’re making records left & right – we’ve had 50″, yes, Fifty inches of rain so far in 2013.  Record keeping here goes back to somewhere around 1909.  Just so delighted to be able to say “We were there when…”   NOT.

But, the sun broke through the fog mid-morning and the temperature’s been mild with a soft breeze all day.

Stone masons here working on the third retaining wall – they predict it will be done in about 10 days…

Framers worked on framing out the Master bathroom gable (above the front door).  Should be able to start zip boarding that roof tomorrow!

Then we have to line up the roof lines of the Main House with the “Breezeway” with the Carriage House ( “overbuilding” onto it’s roof ).  We have plans for all of this, of course, but we’ve noticed they are not 100% accurate.  It’ll take some math & measuring and trial & error and all will be fine.  Just more of a process than expected.  Again, for those of you wanting to build the Maple Forest Cottage, it is a challenging build, but the results are so, so worth it!