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Framing: Day 65 ~ DONE!

30Aug13 – We had our framing inspection yesterday and passed with flying colors except for some fire blocks here & there and discussion about our misplaced chimney.  Came up with solutions for both.  So the Framers are here today finishing up the last of their work.  The chimney masons will be here next week to add 22″ of block to the girth of the chimney so it will meet the roof of the main house.

Thursday Steve & I spent the whole day cleaning up the house & most of the grounds. Our Maple Forest Cottage has come alive!  Getting saw dust out of all the warm board channels was quite a chore, but I enjoyed it.  Felt like I was communing with the Cottage on an intimate level. Very friendly home…. We had some fellow Creston owners stop by to view our construction later in the day – they’ll be starting in 6 months.  They love the Maple Forest Cottage!  But then, who doesn’t?  ;- )

By 730pm we were out on the “screened” porch looking at our view in our lounge chairs  dirty, exhausted, and happy to be able to have such a beautiful place to call home.

Pictures coming soon…..

Framing: Day 64 Finishing up

28Aug13 – Can’t believe we are almost done framing!!  It’s been a long and exciting process and we love how our Maple Forest Cottage is coming to life.  Framers anticipated last day is Friday – inspection tomorrow and then they’ll be back on Friday to do the finishing touches.  It’s all come out beautifully.

Soffit added to break up high wall at mud room entrance

Soffit added to break up high wall at mud room entrance

Framing: Day 63 – Finishing the breezeway

27Aug13 – Today the Framers began deconstructing the over-build of the breezeway and the Carriage House.  They reframed the roof line and cut away the roof overhang into the mudroom.

A vertical wall in the mudroom towards the garage – what a concept!

Framing: Day 62 – It’s a Porch!

26Aug13 – I have a porch today!!  Yippee!!  The Framers stayed to finished zip boarding the roof and putting in the 8:12 pitch ceiling rafters.  I sat there in my chair amongst the scaffolding, yellow ratchet strap and various plywood floor pieces giddy with delight.  I’ve been waiting so long for this part to be done.  Refinements of the soon-to-be screened porch will come – but now I can sit out there & pretend while the weather is still warm.

Framing: Days 59, 60 & 61

21-23Aug13 – Framers working their way through the porch.  Going to take longer than expected – why would I think differently at this point? It started raining off and on today, and they stayed until 5pm.  I’m delighted.

Steve & Hugh have started attaching the painted facia boards to the gables.  The cedar shakes were delivered today and it took Hugh most of the day to lay them out in separated, stacked rows to dry in the sun before they are coated with natural stain.  Thank goodness for tarps – they’re covered for now!

Framing: Day 58 The Porch

20Aug13 – Sunny day – Check. . . . . Materials – check. . . . . Framers – check

Let’s get this porch rolling!!

And that the Framers did – and did according to the plans in front of them, however,  we discovered later tonight that the architects put the dual firebox equi-distant on the floor plans and the original plans did not: it is off-set.  Then the fireplace masons put the over hang of the chimney on the wrong side. Duh.  So… our chimney is 2 feet farther away from the house roof line than it is supposed to be.  We are not pleased.  Calls to the architect and chimney masons in the morning.


Up in the Air!

18 & 19Aug13 –  Steve continued with the backyard grading Sunday finishing around the soon-to-be screened porch.  Looks great seeing level ground by the house!

After work today Steve took me for a ride up in the air with the newly rented boom lift.  How breath taking to see the whole valley and mountains beyond from 45 feet up!  Now to try and replicate it on a sunny, clear day….

Weather permitting, framers should be here tomorrow to continue framing my long awaited porch.  I sure hope so…

Odds and Ends

15Aug13 – Porch framing lumber finally delivered today, but the Framers won’t be back until Monday. Another lesson in patience.  Ok, Monday I’ll get to see the porch continue – then it should only be a couple of days til completion.  There I go again, more expectations!  ;- )

Steve and Hugh removed the two ledger boards and re-fastened them a few inches higher now that we have found a new product to use for the base of our deck.  Originally we were going to pour 4″ of concrete into forms and then tile it.  Now, we’re going to use TI-ProBoard that is a lot thinner, lighter and already ribbed for the grout & tile placement.  Steve actually talked to the inventor, Brian, and got some great tips.  We may order it directly from him.

Hydro-seeding Day!

13Aug13 – Today we hydro-seeded the areas between our retaining walls.        Finally.                      In just a couple of weeks we’ll have the start of grass, clover, & wildflower seedlings.  Fun combination that Fairview Landscaping came up with.

Framers had the day off – the lumber for the screened porch won’t be here until tomorrow.  I’m so looking forward to watching my fair-weather respite taking shape.

Steve & Hugh deconstructed the 2 ft high soffitt in the kitchen as shown in the plans.  The builders of the original Maple Forest Cottage changed it to 1 ft high and that’s what we’ve been seeing all along – the construction plans have never been changed even after all these years!  So not only is this house a difficult build to begin with, we also are dealing with occasional incomplete/inaccurate plans…

Framing: Day 57

12Aug13 – Not a lot  appears done today.  Framers had some “do-overs” – a couple of areas weren’t plum or level as expected.  Don’t understand that.  But our Maple Forest Cottage with be “square” all the way through to completion!

Steve surprised me with the top layer of gravel to the driveway I’m currently using – smooth walking & no muddy feet – yeah!

The back yard retaining wall area is going to be hydro-seeded tomorrow – I should be here to see some of it being done.  We decided to have some wildflower mix added to the grass mix so in a few weeks it should be really colorful.

Here are some photos from today…