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Froggy finds a home and other things….

30Sep13 – We’re moving around to the Porch with the facia & soffits.  A slow job, but it’s coming out wonderfully well, one board at a time.

Froggy Dreams arrived early!  So excited when Fed ex drove up the driveway late Friday afternoon.  Steve just rolled his eyes and smiled.  He took us up the lift this morning and we gave him to the stone masons.  Brent helped find him his new home on the chimney near all the tree frogs in the surrounding trees.  He is just so darned cute!  When the scaffolding comes down, he’ll be so easy to see from Bedroom #3’s window.  Perfect.

Plumbing and soffits and stone veneer

26Sep13 – A one-day-at-a-time type of day.  I’m doing so much better with these.  I look at it now as dream work in progress.

The Plumber is drilling holes and putting in pipe.  Steve & Hugh are patiently putting one T&G soffitt board on at a time.  The Stone masons are veneering the base of the chimney.

Steve took me up the lift with my Froggy Dreams picture to show the masons.  I  stepped out on the scaffolding and showed them right where I wanted to have “Fromeo” placed – a 6″x6″ square – when he arrives in the mail.  They were very good about it.  And Hugh, with a great big smile, agreed he was “very cool”.

Views from the Chimney…

24Sep13 – The plumber, Dean, was here today drilling holes for the pvc.

Nick & crew were here to start placing the stone veneer on the chimney.  They started on the opposite side that I had expected and Froggy Dreams is still in transit!  I’ve blown up a photo to the 6″x6″ actual size so they’ll have an idea what space to leave for sweet Fromeo (think that’s what I’ll name him).

Steve decided to stain more T&G boards after dinner to be ahead of the need for tomorrow.  It became a game of beating the sunset – he got the timing down to 1 1/2 mins per board and did it!  Of course, there was a shop light right in the next room….

We’re movin’ on up!

23Sep13 – It’s a good day on the mountain!  Beautiful dry, warm, sunny, Fall weather and we have crews on site!!

The roofers showed up for their first day – going to be putting on the step flashing at the base of the chimney first so the stone masons can get started.

Nick Waycaster & crew are returning to stone veneer the top of the chimney before the roofers start working in that area.  Much neater that way!  I love whimsy and have a David Carruth sculpture (Garden smile) I’m going to have Nick imbed in the chimney.  Think I’ll quick order a different smaller one (Froggy Dreams) that you’ll see as you look out bdrm #3’s window…. such fun.


Soffitts, trim board & scaffolding

20Sep13 – I’ve re-grouped from my frustrations of Monday.  It probably helps that we have found a roofer who will start next week for a great price!  And, we had a reputable plumber come by today and will give us a quote this weekend.  Jeff, from Henson’s Building Supply, and Mike Eubank, a local contractor, both helped us locate good subs who are available soon.  It pays to know people in the trade and to have a good reputation!  I’ve also gotten used to the slower pace – it was tough at first. I just needed to get into a different gear.


And more trim board…or… Will it ever be finished? #1

16Sep13 –
What’s happening with the house?  Not enough!  I’ve been so spoiled with new things to see each day during the framing phase & window installation these past 3 months and now we’re in a slow-but-steady phase. It’s hard for me to adjust my expectations.

Steve & Hugh are now diligently working on the following:

1. Soffitts (individual T&G boards that are each hand stained and clear coated). These go under all of the eaves – and we have a few of them!
2. Backer boards as a base for the “red” trim around windows & gables and corner boards.
3. Attaching all the red trim boards & corner boards
4. All the shakes have been individually hand dipped into clear coat and dried by Hugh. They’ll probably start going on next week.
5. The lapboard has been ordered and we just found out there’s a 45 day “back order” and that’s before they factory-stain it for us.
6. The plumber was supposed to start today and had to beg-off last week because his contractor had an unexpected job for him. Still looking for one.  Plumber, that is.
7. We have just one more floor to auto-cad with electrical then get a quote from the electrician.           8. Still looking for a roofer that won’t  inflate his going rate.  We’ll find one – the word is out.

So, things are happening, but it will be far less exciting for awhile. And oh so slow. With Steve not being a local general contractor subs can be harder to come by. I helped out yesterday staining some T&G boards, got up early today to clear coat them. Felt good to help.  ;- )

My friend, Ann, who owns the Maple Forest Cottage in TN with her husband, Mark, emailed me and reminded me to “Enjoy the Journey.”  I’m trying really hard.  The cottage is just so beautiful I want to be living in it.                      Now.

Our neighbors on the mountain with finished homes all say to us, very understandingly, “It will get done.”  “Trust us.”  Steve calls our affliction, “Finished-home envy.”

So for those of you out there embarking on building your dream home, I’m learning that everyone goes through the “will it ever be finished?” stage.  Maybe more than once!

Trimboard and more Trim board

10Sep13 – Things will be pretty quiet for the rest of the week.  Steve & Hugh will be doing more trimming of the windows – there’s a lot of area to cover.

Next week Tim,the plummer, starts and Nick might return to start putting the stone veneer on the upper chimney before any roofing gets started.  We got a new name of a roofer today from a local builder.  Hope this sub will work out…

Here’s where they are today:

Chimney and Shakes and Trimboard

09Sep13 – The chimney masons finished up today.  We now have a chimney that’s 20″ deeper than when we started, with a new type of chimney cap (the chimney pots are history).  What started out as a frustrating set of miscommunications, ended up turning out a better visual product.  We like our “fat” chimney!

Steve & Hugh work on trimming out the windows when the chimney masons don’t need the lift. And when they do, they move over to the shakes production line.  The photos show our second stack of shakes being set out to dry.  Hugh gets to dip each shake individually into the Cabot’s stain and then set them out to dry.  That way all 6 sides of each shake are protected.  It’s worth it to us to have real wood shakes with all their natural variations.

Still waiting on a quote from a roofer who is reasonable.  We’re just about done with our electrical plan – lots of planning ahead on this project.  And the plumber is set to start next week.  Not a fast production, for sure, but I’d rather be sane & enjoying the process than trying to get everything done “yesterday!”

Window Installation: Day 4 Final

06Sep13 – The window installers came back today for final fittings.  Everything looks wonderful except our 2 french door transoms – they’re working on that for us.

The masons mortared their way to the top of the chimney today!  They’ll be back on Monday to pour an extension to the chimney cap.  We took the lift up to the top of the chimney tonight and did some measuring.  Still brainstorming on what to do about chimney pots or just go with a large shroud…We’ll have to decide soon!

Window Installation: Day 3

05Sep13 – Missed the installation of the big master bedroom window this morning. Thank goodness Steve was willing to take photos –  looks like it’s always been there.

We don’t like our choice of transom windows over the two french doors at the terrace level.  We had chosen transoms with 7 or 8 panes, the window shop ordered 4 panes and we missed it on the ok-to-order request. We both missed it – but they missed it first! Ha….. It doesn’t flow with the narrower panes of the windows’ transoms.  Fortunately, the space is approx double that of the windows, so we asked if we could purchase 8 outside & 8 inside mutins from the window company and glue them in ourselves.  Rich, our lead installer, had never been asked that question before (leave it to us…), but he’s going to find out.  There.  Problem almost solved!

The new & improved chimney is coming along. Slower than the masons anticipated – they thought they’d be finished today, but the enlarged top cap still has to be framed & poured, too.  We may have to go with a chimney shroud instead of chimney pots because they will now be 10″ off center – nasty. We’ll see what we end up with.