Monthly Archives: October 2013

Preparing for a busy week

26Oct13 – Next week should bring all sorts of activity.  So for now we’re doing what we can to prepare.  The shakes are going up on the end of the “screened” porch.  The chimney veneer is done, the chimney cap is framed, ready to be poured on a warm enough day.  Two cold fronts brought temps down below freezing 2 nights ago!  Ooooh, this is way too early….

A little here…A little there…

23Oct13 –  Things are progressing forward, slowly, but surely.  And that’s the right direction for me.

We found out that trimming the small narrow window in bedroom #2’s bathroom was, let’s say…ah, difficult. We’re calling it the PITA Window.  Hard place to get to, hard place to stay in to work, and small angles & spaces to work with.  And you barely see it from the entrance or back.  The thrill will be from inside the bathroom looking out.  I happen to love that little window….

The shakes are going up in the back of the Maple Forest Cottage first. We’re using the lift there first before we grade and make our back yard harder to access with equipment.  We’re still waiting for the lapboards to arrive at Carolina Colortones.They will be staining them with our crazy Cabot’s formula in their factory so they’ll arrive on the site, done, and ready to install.  Sweet.

Today the wells are supposed to be drilled for our Geo-Thermal system. The team at Bullman Heating & Air are great to work with and very knowledgeable. This will be part of our aim to be a certified energy star home.

A little progress every day…

14October13 – Happy Columbus Day!

Things are progressing, albeit slowly, but I’ve come to peaceful terms with that.  Any progress, no matter how small, is a step forward in the right direction and I’m grateful for that.

Roofers are still waiting for the stone masons to finish the chimney.  They will be working on the chimney cap tomorrow.  We got the design idea from Michaela Muhady’s Welcoming Home since our chimney pots idea won’t work with the flues off center.

Dean, our plumber is doing a super job.  We had to decide on the master tub by today and it was no easy task!  Steve & I were still going back & forth discussing different models at 1pm this afternoon. There is so much to take into consideration:  size, shape, type of jets, how many, one or two person, heating, product manufacturer, price, etc.  We finally decided on Bain Ultra’s 78″ Ayoura air jet tub.  Steve’s 6’3″, needs the length, and it’s gotten great reviews. Phew.  Another decision: Done.

Steve has started putting the copper flashing on the tops of windows and is putting up the natural stained cedar shakes.  He’s starting on the back of the house while he can use the lift back there.  He’ll work his way around to the front eventually.  Really looks nice.  He worked until dark tonight getting that last row of shakes up….

Chimney whimsy….

08Oct13 – Our Maple Forest Cottage chimney is a wonderfully whimsical structure….

Dreamwork in progress

07Oct13 – Time for an update!

Dean, our plumber, has been doing an awesome job getting pvc pipes and cast iron pipes (sound protectors for the flushing) into spaces even he thought would be a feat in itself.  All is cool so far.

The Porch door from the main house and remaining bathroom window were delivered and installed today.  Just waiting on the window/door company on ordering an outside door for the breezeway back side, then we’ll be closed in.

Stone mason’s are making progress and will probably attach “Smiley Leafman” to the front of the chimney tomorrow – such fun being able to add whimsy here & there.

The roofer is making our copper window flashing (Steve & Hugh decided to leave that skill to the professional…) and will probably start net week on the roof!

Weather is starting to change into true Fall.  Going down to 43 degrees tonight – so may bring in some of the potted plants and begin to think of their winter home – maybe Steve’s workshop?