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Finishing soffitt & facia board on main gable

28Nov13 – Today I helped Steve with the last soffitt boards and facia boards on the main gable. He painted the 2nd coat on the facia boards and it look great!

Snow on the Mountain!

27Nov13 – We woke up to snow showers on the mountain!  This is very exciting for someone like me who has lived in the Florida Keys for 10 years.  The subtropical weather there has historically reached a low of 53 degrees or so.  I was hoping for a blizzard, a real stay-at-home-and-hunker-down-day, but I’d better be careful what I wish for….


I can’t believe I missed the delivery of the tubs!

26Nov13 – I truly can’t believe I missed the delivery of our two tubs!  I’m working from home now, temporarily in the back half of Steve’s workshop (third bay of garage in original plans).  I was so busy working on a contract that I didn’t even hear the delivery truck.  Steve got busy helping get the 400 lb cast iron tub up the stairs.  What a blog moment!   Missed.  They even used a “walker” to help in the process.  It is basically a motorized dolly that goes up the stairs one (or in this case two) steps at a time.  Nothing to it!

Motorized dolly or "Walker" - saves the day!

Motorized dolly or “Walker” – saves the day!

We also got our BainUltra ThermoMasseur Therapy tub.  This is our big master bath splurge!!  Since Steve has developed some arthritis, we decided to go for what we feel is the best.   We got the 78″ model since Steve is so tall  – this will be a new experience for him to fit all the way into a jetted tub.  I wish the plumbing was done & the water turned on.  I’d skip on over to the main house & use it all the time – well, before & after workers’ hours….aaaahhhh.

I’m sitting here at my desk looking out at gray branches and fog. The nasty rainy weather pattern is here in the Asheville area and it’s cold & damp.  Could be worse.  We’re only heading as far as across the street for a gathering of neighbors for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.

So, outside work is at a standstill for a few days.  Just par-for-the-course with weather.  But now we get to work on the inside as well.  More electric going in and the HVAC tradesmen have been kind enough, per Steve, to keep duct work out of the Bedroom #3 loft that I am still so hoping will come to fruition.  This is a very good sign for Jane.   ;- )

Happy Thanksgiving if I don’t blog before then.  Have an attitude of gratitude – it feels good!

Recessed nook, front door & more soffitt boards

17Nov13 – Hugh, Jeronimo & Geraldo worked Saturday & Sunday this weekend to help get us moving along with the Maple Forest Cottage’s exterior.  I stained & clear coated soffitt boards while Steve did a little of everything to help all.

Steve finally sawzalled a hole in the stairway wall for the recessed nook Thursday night!  I was so excited just to have that started!  Next day our electrician came by and ending up staying to help us with our electrical wiring, only to find out that the recessed nook hole was 1 1/2″ in the way of our built-in refrigerator’s electrical on the other side and needed to be moved 1 1/2″ over.  Jeronimo was kind enough to make that happen and now I have my recessed nook ready for sheet rock.  That may be awhile, but now I can see the size & shape each time I go by the stairs – love it! Eventually we want to have one of Akira Blount’s hand made dolls displayed there. (I just googled her website and learned that she passed away recently – such a loss.) Her sculpted dolls are so magical….

Steve & Jeronimo cut the front door slab down to 86″ and hung it today.  A “front door” on the Maple Forest Cottage, aaaah;  you just never know what’s going to warm your heart.

The crew started installing the soffitt boards on the stretch over the kitchen – almost to the front of the house!  The rain started to fall and Steve had them move to the front porch area to stay dry.  It all looks so wonderful – the birthing of our Maple Forest Cottage.  Lessons in patience, but what a reward…..






Shingles and the last two doors

13Nov13 – Things continue to move forward:  The rough-in plumbing is almost done.  The HVAC is  being installed a little bit more each day.  We have shingles starting to appear on the cat slide roof!  We hit 17.9 degrees last night and it stayed unseasonably cold all day – think Rolando found other things to do today….

The last two of 3 doors were delivered today:  the laundry/mudroom back door and a front door slab. It’s 8′ by 42″ & pretty darn huge – think we might downsize the finished front door to 7″ by 42″, we don’t want to overpower the front porch.  Steve & Hugh might install that tomorrow.  ;- )


Drainage ditches…

11Nov13 – Happy Veterans’ Day :  Remembering those who have helped preserve our freedom…

It’s time for the not-so-glamorous job of digging ditches for drain pipes. In the mountains drainage of water away from the house is a major deal.  Our goal is a dry, warm, cozy home despite what the elements might throw at it!

Our roof is turning green!

08Nov13 – Rolando is here installing the roof shingles!  I have been waiting for this for sooooo long.  He’s choosing to do it by himself as not everyone knows how to properly install Grand Manor architectural shingles.

Steve & Hugh are roughing in the 1st floor electrical.  Our electrician will be onsite next week to supervise.  His shoulder ailment prevents him from being able to lift his arm. His Dr. says no surgery now, just exercises. The Maple Forest Cottage will either make it better or make it worse!

The Bullman crew is here continuing with the HVAC. They mistakenly put a duct in the kitchen wall right behind where the recessed display is at the bottom of the stairs.  I won’t say who has chosen not to make the cut-out for the last 4 months…..  Anyway, they will move the duct so all is well.  ;- )

Our goal is to have our Maple Forest Cottage all dry walled by Christmas – that’s only 47 more days.  Egads!  Sure will be nice:  Roof, exterior, windows, doors, heat, electric, plumbing, dry wall.  Almost a real house in 6 1/2 more weeks.  Fingers crossed…..

28 Oct: Quieter week than expected….

03Nov13 – Things didn’t rev-up like I expected this week, guess that’s coming next week…. but things got done.  Jeronimo, Geraldo & Hugh worked Saturday and Sunday to help move the soffit & facia board process along.  There are a lot of gables & dormers on this Maple Forest Cottage!

04Nov: Here is the busy week!

04Nov13 – More delays last week.  So, now we’re in the busy week!  More plumbing today – we’re starting to see the red & blue water lines throughout the house…

Geo-thermal is coming into the house today!  They’ll be working on HVAC for a couple of weeks, but today they connected the tubing and marked & started cutting the holes for the vents.

Steve & Hugh started their electrical work by putting recessed cans in amongst the ceiling/floor joists.  We decided to go with small cans & LED bulbs – want to keep current.  We had a couple of “oh, no!” moments when the kitchen cans couldn’t be positioned as in the original plans.  We had changed our floor/ceiling joists to run perpendicular to the original plans to accommodate our radiant floor heating tubing and our center lights were located right n the middle of the thickest floor joist.  Oops.  So, we eventually decided to go with 4 recessed lights instead of 3 on either side of the kitchen.  It looks just fine and I may actually like it better as the cans are smaller than the large ones used in the 90’s.

We ordered a pendant light that is the closest we could find to the original kitchen pendants.  Those have been discontinued.  We plan on etching the shade and changing out the hardware to a bronze stem, unless I can convince Steve to scrap that idea and just buy these pendants.

Then Steve surprised me with our first working light in the cottage!  If is wasn’t for the 50 degree temperature in the house I’d say it feels like home already!