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The Master Arched Window trim….

29Dec13 – Steve’s been working on the Master Arched Window trim since before Christmas.  Lots of radius calculations, gluing MiraTec boards together and cutting the arched shape.  Paint was applied before we left for our Christmas trip to Maine to see the kids & Grandkids.

Yesterday & today I helped Steve put the pieces of the window trim up.  It’s one of the prominent distinguishing design details of our Maple Forest Cottage.  It’s coming along great!


The Roof is finished!

20Dec13 – What a busy week… just a few of the events:

I closed on a lot I sold here in our mountain community yesterday!

Last night Steve asked me to marry him.  We’re engaged!

And the roof is finished on our Maple Forest Cottage!

Here are a few photos to catch you up:

Time to move the laundry window…

12Dec13 – We decided to just go ahead & take a day to move the laundry window to where it will be centered over the sink in a functional position.  Off came the lapboard, facia, tape, sill, etc.  Replace former 2X6’s with newly positioned ones, and re-set the window. Then re-hang the facia board and new lapboard (new dimensions now).  Now that it’s done we all can move on…..

My Loft!! And more…

11Dec13 – What a fun day!

Steve surprised me with the building of my long hoped for Loft!!!  I was in the LR staining the last of the soffitt boards and heard hammering upstairs & Jeronimo & Jeraldo coming & going with 2×4’s, occasionally cutting them at saw.   Hmmmm.  I ask Steve, “What’s going on upstairs”?  He smiles this big smile and I drop my paint brush & run upstairs – my Loft!!  I thought I had lost that battle – Steve comes through.  He calls it brownie points.  I’m lovin’ ‘them’ brownies…..


A Very Expensive Decision – Ouch!

07Dec13 – I couldn’t bear it any longer.  I went to Steve and told him I had a problem & didn’t know what to do about it.  The lapboard color just isn’t right. That second pass through was a mistake.  Too dark, too coffee brown vs  a chestnut tone. We had it right the first time.  What can we do?  Over stain with a yellowish color?  Paint?  Wait?


The good news is we both agree.  It’s not working.  The bad news is we both agree. It’s not working.  Here’s our painful, expensive but absolutely correct decision.  A type of compromise:  We’ll leave the back of the house the way that it is. We’ll order new lapboard for the front of the house and garage,  bite the bullet, and use the stain with-only-one-coat. It’ll take a month before we can continue with the siding, but that is so small compared to going up the driveway each time noticing the contrast of colors vs their complementing each other and saying, “if only we……”.

Trust me when I say I’m much calmer today about this than I was yesterday.  Ever make yourself sick to your stomach from figuratively beating yourself up all day?  I know better. We knew better. And it’s such a waste.

The DR window photos show how the horizontal facia board is not where Michaela Muhady had it designed.  After we had framed our roof we noticed that our architects drew our roof joists up 15″ too high, instead of having them set down in. (we first noticed this when the desk area in the eyebrow dormer of Bdrm #3 was too deep) So the end of the DR roof line is not in line with the end of the screened porch’s roof line.  Michaela was so very precise in her measurements with everything lining up in the Maple Forest Cottage. This was our fix yesterday.  I can live with it – it’s on the back of the house.  Steve has other thoughts…



Another Busy day

05Dec13 – Walt & Darlene, the electricians, are here today to continue where Steve & Hugh left off.  Some unexpected & quick decisions needed to be made about placements that we had inadvertently omitted from our electrical drawings. Think we have it under control now.

We decided to remove our hallway pocket door (from the mudroom/laundry) in favor of having wall space for switches.  We’re keeping the 36″ space to keep the first floor doorways in Universal Design (ADA compliant).  There are a lot of baby boomers wanting to “age in place” as they are calling it now. This way we’re covered as we age and if we choose to sell before that time, it will be another great feature of the cottage.

Jeronimo & Jeraldo are continuing with the lapboard.  Mark & the HVAC crew are working on venting now. Rolando is shingling the roof over Bdrm #3 on the back side. I’m thinking he may be ready for the front of the screened porch tomorrow.  Yeah!  The “other” front side of the cottage. Steve is supervising and getting right in there when needed.  And I’m taking photos and taking it all in. Our dream in progress…..


Foggy and Busy!

04Dec13 – It’s a foggy, foggy, cool day, bu  a lot is happenin’ this morning!  Makes it feel downright balmy & sunny from the inside…

The insulators, from Allied Insulating are here to do the initial spraying for areas that will be covered up with remaining soffitt board, and around bath tubs to be installed.  We’ve decided with the help of our friend Rick, who is very energy conscious, to spray 1 inch of closed cell foam first (with the higher R factor, and more expensive) then spray the rest of each area with open cell foam.  Brilliant! Just heard that we have an R factor of 50.  Our Maple Forest Cottage will be snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug; in cold or heat!

Jeronimo & Jeraldo are back for a bit to help Hugh install the lap boards.  This process is moving very fast – and what a difference it makes.  We had Carolina Colortones pass the boards through a 2nd time with 1/2 stain solution because they were too light the first time. Now they’re a bit dark, but our East & South sunshine will take care of that in a matter of time.

So nice to be working from home now.  I get to see all that’s happening. (While I’m testing my self discipline to stay focused on work….Glad we’re entering slow season for lot sales here on the mountain.)

We received our first wall sconce from Rejuvenation.  This is the company that supplied the interior lighting in the original Maple Forest Cottage. (Arroyo supplied the exterior)  This sconce, called the Enright, (last photo on linked page) is found throughout the main floor. We haven’t decided if we want the polished or satin nickel so we’ve ordered one of each.  We’re waiting to order the Kitchen pendants from Rejuvenation. The original combination has been discontinued, but this is what we are able to come up with. Pretty darn close (1st photo on linked page).  I had originally wanted to use Oil rubbed bronze, but was eventually convinced to go authentic.  I have to share the gorgeous pendants I would have chosen for the Kitchen had I stayed with the bronze.

More busy-ness tomorrow!