Monthly Archives: January 2014

The three remaining ridge louvres & corbels. Are in.

30Jan14 – This morning we worked on the window panels some more and continued the adjustments to the medallion on the back of the house.  Snow is melting, to our disappointment, except on the North side of the mountain.  Where we don’t live…but we can visit.

Steve finished installing the very L-A-S-T ridge louvres & corbels today!  The peaks are done – truly a monumental occasion.  It’s celebrating with homemade Lobster bisque (the last of our hand caught Keys’ lobsters) and french baguettes by the fire in the main house – aaaahhhh…..

Winter Wonderland on the Mountain!

29Jan14 – What a beautiful sight to wake up to this morning:  Sunshine, blue skies and sparkling white powder all over.  All two inches deep of it!  This couple from the Keys gets excited about snowfall, to the amazement of neighbors & friends.

Staining more Louvres, starting the master bedroom window panels & Shakes are done!…

27jan14 – We had a fun weekend keeping a fire going and working mostly inside our Maple forest Cottage. I stained and clear coated the last three ridge louvers, & reconfigured our master bathroom vanity area, once again, getting ready for Walt & Darlene on Monday for sconce placement, outlets & switches. Just when we think we’ve got the electrical plan all figured out,  we come across a new idea and need to adjust for the electricians!

Steve started the beautiful wooden panels that flank the master bedroom arched window.  I drew & labeled the detailed pattern on each in pencil first, using the plans as my guide.  This made it a lot easier for Steve to see sizes & placement for the cypress pieces.  It’s quite time consuming so he’s saving more for a colder day.  Two days of nice weather here and he’s outside finishing shakes & caulking & re-painting.  So much to do….  We’re trying to get all the outside high projects done by the time the lift is due back in a couple of weeks. It’ll be here before we know it!



More Louvers & Corbels…

23Jan14 – Despite the cold, Steve was out installing more ridge louvers and vents yesterday. The art is in the details – it really makes a difference.  We cut & split wood from our back yard, had a fire going all day, and toasted hotdogs for dinner.  So fun pretending we’ve moved in….

First Ridge Louver & Corbel up!

21Jan14 – Working fast today to beat the Polar vortex coming our way later this afternoon.  We had blizzard conditions in 45 degrees (?!) around 2pm and then the sun came out.  By 3pm the mercury was dropping.  Fast.  No outside work tomorrow….

A fire in the fireplace! And, Corbels R Us, Part 2 ~

19Jan14 – The Polar Vortex had reached the mountains of Western North Carolina.  Brrrr!  We’ve gotten as low as 14 degrees at night and below freezing during the day – very cold for this part of the country.  Being tired of the smell & expense of heating the main house during working hours with a kerosene heater, Steve decided to give our Rumford fireplace its inaugural burn.  This type of fireplace is very tall & shallow, providing an excellent heat source when desired. You build the fire teepee style – tall & long.  We were timid fire builders at first, but by late afternoon we let her ‘rip!

Steve’s working on finishing the corbels  & gable-top “vents” this weekend.  The warmth of the fire makes it a joy to spend time in the main house during this cold spell.  We’ve even had snow showers in the sunlight today.  Quite fun sharing warm, relaxed time & space with Steve.

Where are we with the shakes today? And ~ more soffitts?!

16Jan14 – So where are we today I ask?

Coming around the corner to finish the mini-dormer (Steve got to lay down on the job today) and then on to the sides of the master bath dormer.  Then the shakes will be done – just another couple of days!

As we were looking over the DVD, once again, we happened to notice something we’d missed all this time:  there are two soffitts in the master bathroom!  One over the tub to create an alcove feel and another sofitt over the vanity area, to balance the room I’d conjecture.  Hadn’t caught those at all.  So up Hugh goes to frame in two soffits  in the master bathroom with left over 2X4’s.  He should have them finished by tomorrow; then just frame in the one dead space in the whole house – in the commode alcove at the back right, for our mirror image.  That’s where a polished nickel wall sconce is placed, as in the master bath photo in both Maple Forest Cottage books.

Shakes on front dormers

14Jan14 – Bedroom #3’s dormer is done being ‘shaked’. Now the only places left are the two front dormers – small places, but not the easiest to cover.  I don’t expect them to get done today, but we are getting soooo close.

We have three electricians on site today!  We can’t start the insulation process until all the electrical is done, and, understandably, they fit us in between jobs with their ‘regular’ contractors. And the sheet rock can’t go  up until the insulation is in.  This is what they call the “Critical Path” in the  PBS Hometime Series “Managing Home Construction” DVD  which features the Maple Forest Cottage & that we’ve watched and dissected countless times!

But anything contributing to birthing of our Maple Forest Cottage is considered progress and I’m grateful…

And more shakes…

13Jan14 – Still working on shakes.  Similar to the soffitts saga:  it will be done.  Someday….soon.

The Rain Chain

10Jan14 – We opted for a copper rain chain at the end of the front porch instead of snaking a downspout around the last column (yuck).  We are really pleased with it’s appearance and capability of directing water to the drainage area.  These are the largest vessels we could find that went aesthetically with the Maple Forest Cottage.  We found them at, where else, but  We put them up on Wednesday night and the rain came on Thursday night/Friday morning.  Needless to say, upon hearing the rain this morning, we ran out to the porch to see the rain chain in action – love it!