Monthly Archives: February 2014

Adding detail framing & Re-adjusting original framing where needed

24Feb14 – We’re preparing for the upcoming insulation process by checking our plans & DVD over & over.  We’ve found mistakes & omissions from our original framing (that we didn’t even catch) and are getting everything up to date.  We want the insulation process and (can’t wait!) the sheet rock process to go smoothly.  Good bones are so important.

This weekend Steve started the tub surround in the master bath, adjusting for the size of our air tub. He also decided to tackle our Master bedroom window seat area conundrum finding that the correct height of the built-in cabinets is different than those framed; among other things.  So Steve is deconstructing and then reconstructing so no detail is overlooked.  And we thought we had this house memorized!

I’m playing with ideas for the master shower & front door as well.  We’ve modified the shower, taking space from bdrm #3’s bath (omitted the 2nd vanity) and added a shower seat.  I made an arch top entrance today out of foam board.  Looks great, but then the whole front of the shower will need to be glass for a seamless flow.  Going to research hinging glass doors on glass panels…. I found the front door style I want and drew it to scale on our temporary front panel door to see how it would look – being sure to line up the windows with the mini arched windows to either side of the entrance.  I like it!  Just need to  re-trace it using a darker marker so it comes out better in my photos.

Everything is coming out just as we want it – and that takes a lot of time & observation with all the glorious details of the Maple Forest Cottage!


Wiring, more wiring and then some… more wiring

18Feb14 – Walt & Darlene continue to work on our electrical wiring.  Steve has started the speaker/audio wiring throughout the house.  If there’s a room to be found, it’ll probably have at least a speaker or two (or more) for our musical enjoyment.  Nothing like good tunes to help set a mood.

He’s also doing the ethernet & cable wiring as well.  We just keep looking for places to drill another hole to fit wires through.  We’re thinking of our needs now and anticipating those of the future to make hook-ups easier later on.

Learning a lot about construction, bu not knowing enough, I belatedly told Steve & Walt a couple of weeks ago, that I wanted two (electrical) lanterns above the mantel on the porch fireplace.  They just looked at me & rolled their eyes. That should have been done when the masons were putting up the cinder block.  But, darling partner that Steve is, he got out a masonry drill and electric chipper today and created a channel in the cinder blocks so Walt can put in the wires necessary to make this come true for me.  I count my blessings – and the fact that I gave up an end-of-the-porch light in trade.   ; – )

Making Arch Patterns for Porch Entrance

12Feb14 – Snow started falling around 9:15 this am.  Looking to get 8+” or so by morning.  Yippee!  I’ll get to use my newly purchased ‘flying saucer’ as I fly down  (part of) the mountain on Creston Drive!

Steve is working on arch patterns today.  We had to look at both sets of plans, the video, and book to be sure we had it down right.  The resources don’t always agree as I’ve mentioned before.  We missed a 4 1/2″ section and he’ll start over tomorrow on the deck arch as I’ll call it.  When it’s only plywood, it doesn’t hurt so much…..

Catching Up, and the Eyebrow Dormer gets a facelift!

11Feb14 – Some nice noticeable changes to our Maple forest cottage this week. (As well as more un-noticeable, but essential, electrical work)  It’s exciting watching Steve work his craft…

More snow in the mountains!  Had to add some Route 9 photos as I don’t know when we’ll have such wet snow with no wind again – it’s a Winter wonderland out there – and more on its way. We (former) Floridians were hoping for snow this winter!   ;- )

Details, Details, all these beautiful Details…..

04Feb14 – We have one more week with the Lift so we’re working hard to get all the top floor trim & details finished before then.  The past two days have been gifts of sunshine & warmth (55-60 degrees) to get caulking & painting touch-up done, as well as Steve not freezing in the process of installing the window panels, and 2 remaining bird boxes. Good chances of rain & cold for the rest of the week…..

We’re still waiting on our 2nd order of lap boards to be stained with ONE pass-through this time.  We’ll tear down the front & street side boards of the garage so the whole “front” of the house will have lap boards in a lighter color.  “All in due time”, as Steve is fond of saying….

Medallion & mini corbel are up!

01Feb14 – Here we are in February already….  We had a fun day getting decorative trim ready to install today.  Stained the two master window exterior panels (they’ll go up tomorrow) and the back medallion & mini corbel.  It’s amazing how exciting it is to create the memorable visual details of the Maple Forest Cottage and see them in person on our very own!  They’re great motivators when there’s the mundane chores of caulking and repainting facia boards, etc. to be done.  ;- )