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Toughide and lapboards….

28May14:  Ooooh, it’s really looking like the Maple Forest Cottage now…..

The MFC Entrance has lapboards, and Mamma Bear & her 3 baby cubs….

22May14 – Between talking with our cabinet maker, Glenn, and finding & reserving a new Tough Hide person, Mario, as well as a hundred other check list items, Steve is almost done putting lapboards on our Maple Forest Cottage’s entrance.  Wow!  The green zip board is finally  disappearing from view!  Such a different feel with the lap boards up – yeah!

We had a wonderful visit by a bery B-I-G Mamma Bear and her two tiny cubs.  She had spotted our bird feed on our deck and was determined to have some treats.  She tried to back down the retaining walls but her foot couldn’t reach the ground.  She went all the way around and had her nose resting on the floor of the deck when we decided we had better discourage her from coming closer.  We must have watched this sweet family for at least 20 mins as they played and ate from our native plant filled back yard.  What a treat!  Deuter wasn’t quite as enthralled…..


The revised stone wall takes shape and new lapboards going up!

17May14 – Today the stone masons began building the newly revised stone wall near the end of the driveway.  This will give us more wiggle room as we maneuver our vehicles in and out of the carriage house bays. Work began at 8am this morning and at 4pm they are almost done with setting the big stones.  A wonderful improvement. Finished after 6pm.

Since we can’t do anything on the inside of the house until we have the correct sprayer for the Tough Hide drywall covering, Steve is moving outside and starting to install the revised color lapboards.  Finally.  They look G_R_E_A_T!  It was a costly, but necessary choice.  Our Maple Forest Cottage is looking like we’ve always imagined….

Do-Over Duo is at it again….

15May14 – Ok, we’re at it again.  Now that the driveway/parking wall and entrance wall are finished, we realize we need more space to easily drive into the carriage house bays.  It can be done, but why have something done so regularly be an effort?

Down comes the end of the curved wall in front of the carriage house to be rebuilt on a different radius.  Our stone mason takes great pride in his work, I’m sure it pains him to have to undo his craft….

Drywall and Level 5 Finish

14May14 – The drywall sanders are done and used a leaf blower to remove most of the dust that was created.  I missed a great picture of the clouds of dust escaping from the windows!  They finished with a shop vac – pretty efficient!  And less work for me…..

The Level 5 crew arrived today to cover & tape all windows & doors and stuff all receptacles, switches & light plates.  Tomorrow they will take an estimated 7 hours to spray on Tough Hide to give the walls a near plaster-like finish and will also act as the primer.  Steve is excited to watch the process as correct application is everything.

We’ve received our first estimate from a cabinet maker for all cabinets in our Maple Forest Cottage.  We’ll be speaking with a second craftsman tomorrow.  Steve decided he’d rather spend his time on the mill work and leave cabinets to the professionals (although I know he’d do a fabulous job).

We finished a very detailed materials list last night and it looks like – surprise! – we’ll be over budget despite all the planning we’ve done.  Hmmm.  We’ll probably just bite-the-bullet and go steadfastly forward…..and work a little longer before I retire…….We want our Maple Forest Cottage to be as true to the original as possible.

Drywall Day 9: Mudding will be done today

10May14 – These guys are workers!  8am – 6pm 6 days a week!  Our Maple Forest Cottage is a mess with ‘mud’ on the floors, but the sanders will be here Monday or Tuesday and then I can comment about a real mess with abandon!  Meanwhile, we are loving the results….

Our 2,000 pounds of cedar timbers arrived from Washington state yesterday.  What a long way to travel.  Thank goodness for Nick’s excavator being on site.  You don’t use a dolley to remove these big boys from the truck! Steve did an admirable job of getting them safely to the ground where we measured & cut them into the sized pieces we need. Helping him carry them into the garage for storage was no easy task – I haven’t visited the gym in, let’s just say:  quite a while…. He will be shaping them into the brackets & arches that are so prominent on the front & East side of the house.

We’ve measured for floors and doors with a digital laser tape measure.  This is the bomb!  Point & it measures and adds up the linear length or square footage, which ever your choose.  You gotta love technology.


Drywall: Day 2, Day 3 and DONE!

04May14 – Now, I have never seen a team work so fast and so joyously together!  Our Maple Forest Cottage ‘s 4300+SF were dry walled in 2 1/2 days!! (Hanging the panels, that is.) Six young men worked from 9a – 8pm on Friday & Saturday and managed to get every wall & every ceiling neatly covered.  Kudos to them!

The extra drywall didn’t get here until 5pm on Friday, but they worked around that by starting the basement first thing – oops! The main floor was scheduled to be next ~ Steve & I were counting on Friday to get the basement 100% ready for them.  So once again, we are scurrying around, finishing our fine tuning, trying to stay out of their way…  They were very gracious to us owner-builders when I’m sure they would have loved to have us out of their hair!

Our dumpster was filling to the brim (Steve had called the owners to clear it out on Thursday, but said they wouldn’t be available until Tuesday – what?!)  So Steve would periodically go out and use the Excavator’s shovel to compact the discarded drywall to allow room for more.  Ugh. We told the crew at the end of the day that we would handle the rest of the clean-up in appreciation of their work, so we now have neat piles of dry wall pieces filling our DR until we get our dumpster cleaned out in a couple of days….

The Maple Forest Cottage looks great!  I keep thinking “We’re getting closer to the end of the DVD!”  Steve can finally relax a bit and spend time on things that will be more visual when the house is done.  Good bones are essential, but trim and flooring and painting and installing the deck and…….will be more enjoyable about now.  We made it to Dry Wall.  Yippee!!

Drywall is here and going up!!

01May14 –  Happy May Day for those who remember flowerbaskets on doors and Maypoles….and everyone else, too!

Drywall delivered at 8am today – took til 1pm to get it all inside.  The confines of our driveway, and the existing stonework-in-progress didn’t allow for boom delivery upstairs.  It all had to be carried by hand up the staircase.  It was only the 2nd day for two of the crew – this calls for pizza for lunch!

Meanwhile the installers had arrived around 11am and were game for pizza, too.

Down the mountain into town I go, stop by Henson’s Lumber for more supplies, pick up pizza, realize I had ordered way too much and called neighbors to come over to help the crews & us all eat 7 boxes of pizza!  I think we’ve got a bit left over….

Dry wall crew stayed until 8pm and got  tremendous amount of work done!  We were working right along beside them still fine tuning things.  Up early tomorrow morning continue with the terrace level before the crew arrives!  We may be short about 50 ceiling boards, so the salesman will be here first thing in the morning to re-estimate – and get them here fast!  Ceilings go up first!