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Master bath gets dressed in channel board & Chimney stone going up!

28Jun14 – The stone masons are back and working on our LR chimney facade.  It’s such a focal point, we have to trust (and watch closely) that we like the placement of the stones….

Steve and I went out to the stone yard in Marion this morning to look at a raw hearth stone they had picked out for us.  My idea of charcoal and their charcoal are different.  I’ve learned that what I want is black stone.  They will now search for an 80″W x 28″D x5″H black stone for us.  We have plenty of time.

Steve is finally finished with the routing of the last channel bead board as well as the hanging of the boards.  We just need to put plywood on the back vanity wall in the master bath and all our interior walls will be up!  Then we’ll start painting.  Basement first, bedroom floor 2nd and lastly the main floor.  This will be fun to see the transformation!

Lightning Strike and finishing the next stage of the Laundry/Mud room

23Jun14 –  Thunderstorms are everywhere.  10 years in the FL Keys and we had our share, never coming close to danger.  But living high on a mountain is another story.  It’s like you’re just asking to get noticed – by Mother Nature.  And we were.  Noticed that is:  the deafening sound of the thunder came after a second after the bright bolt of light (1 one thousand, 2 – what?!) which were enough to make me jump and get the heart pumping, but it was the big “POP!!” right after  that made me realize we might have a situation on our hands.

We didn’t lose our electricity, but all of our electronics were fried.  !@#$%^!  The bolt came from the cable box across the street, into our modem, router and out to all the connected products.  Darn! Had to use the wifi on my cell phone to get rudimentary real estate work done.  We spent a few days regrouping and the Maple Forest Cottage got put on temporary hold….

Steve finished putting up the channel bead board in the Laundry/Mudroom today – Love it! We’ll put the trim on later.  Up to the master bathroom next – that channel bead board will be 2 1/2″ wide there instead of the 3 1/2″ downstairs.

Channel bead board and moving out of our storage units…

15Jun14 – My dream has been to have a bead boarded laundry/mud room reminiscent of the 40’s & 50’s.  On-line prices are out of line and then no one will call me back.  Of course, I don’t want regular big box store bead board sheets, I want channel bead board like the kind in the original Maple Forest Cottage’s master bathroom.

Steve to the rescue!  “We’ll just make our own,” he states.  So we go get our 16 sheets of 1/2″ cabinet grade maple plywood in Asheville, haul it home in the truck, and load it into the kitchen/workshop.  Steve happened to have the right sized router and after a few test trials, we were on our way!  We’ve got one wall up and I love how it looks!  Dreams do come true – little ones and the big ones.

Now that we have a semi-finished place on site to store our “Keys stuff” (the media room) we are moving out of our two storage units 8.5 miles down the mountain in Black Mountain.  I started with two car loads earlier this week and Steve got the fever and we’ve made four truck load trips in two days!  We’ve cleaned out the small unit and have made a good dent in the large unit.  We-have-too-much-stuff!  We’ll downsize when we unpack in a few months……This I surely hope will come to pass.

Oh, we have developed our final color formula for the interior walls on the main floor.  We brought the formula and sample to Ted again and got it down to the nearest decimal.  Love the finished product.  We’re going to paint the terrace level first (Office and gym), using Benjamin Moore’s Affinity color, Jicama, in Aura matte.  We used this on the main living floor in our Florida Keys home.  These will be our “Florida rooms” since so much of our “Keys stuff” will not go with mountain decor on the upper levels.  It will be a fun reminder of our past life as an island couple.


Just checking in…It’s been awhile

10Jun14:  Wow, it sure takes a lot of time and energy building your dream house and starting a new business.  I’m going out on my own to sell home sites and owners’ re-sale lots here on the mountain.  It’s a good business decision.  But what timing!  I must be certifiable to attempt all this right now, in my 60’s no less.

Steve and I put the lapboards up on the terrace level – looks so cool.  We are going to wait to put up the deck and then finish the lapboards on the east side of our Maple Forest Cottage.  We are going to use a slate-like porcelain tile for the deck flooring,  Sintesi:  Cortina Copper.  It goes super well with the house colors.

Steve’s dream is a very smooth, plaster-like finish on the walls , so after we had our surfacer/primer applied, he hand sanded every wall, yes every wall, in the whole house, yes the whole house with a palm sander!  I have never seen such straight, flat, super smooth walls in my life.  He’s getting his wish – after a lot of elbow grease.  Never doubt a man with a mission.

We’ve been torturing ourselves trying to get just the right color/shade of paint for the interior walls.  We’re up to our old antics of special formulas and Ted at Mountain Paint and Decorating has been a doll through all our visits and color consults. We think we’ve decided on a mix of 4 parts Aura Affinity’s Frappe at 50% with 1 part Jute at 50%, with 1 part white base.  Bet you can’t guess how many tries & samples of paint it took to get to this!  It comes out a soft, warm taupe.  There.  Are we done yet?