Monthly Archives: August 2014

Getting the curve on the deck

22Aug14- Today we start attaching the MiraTec boards to the demi-lune section of the main deck.  They’ve been hanging between saw horses the past couple of days to help get that curve in there. There’s been lots of prep work before we reached this stage.  Now it will really start looking even more like the Maple Forest Cottage we love.  Geronimo and crew were only available for a half day, and their help is so appreciated.  How did I ever begin to think this would be completed this week?!

Main deck curve is complete!

24Aug14 – Yesterday Geronimo and crew (Geraldo & Alfredo) were kind enough to take 1/2 of Saturday and help Steve finish the curve of the main deck.  They all worked non-stop from 730am – 1pm:  5 1/2 hours.  WOW!  It looks super.  Thank you Steve for all your calculations,  preciseness and know-how on how to create what was not described in the plans; and thank you Geronimo, Geraldo & Alfredo for working so hard on your normal day off!

(And it did get done by the end of the week……)

Bears on a stroll and repainted rooms….

21Aug14 –  I came back from my walk this morning and unexpectedly came across a Momma bear and her 4 cubs visiting our back yard about 20 ft away. We startled each other and I chose to let her know I was leaving and going around the other way.  The first rule of mountain living: never get between a Momma bear and her cubs.  I rushed to the front door and closed it, rushed to the garage back door, closed it loudly, and then safely watched the 5 of them strolling through our back yard through the dining & living room windows.  I was enjoying them so much I  almost forgot to take photos.  Mom was very nonchalant as she led her troops all the way around the yard, down our driveway then down the main road until out of site..  Fun.  Fun.  Fun.  Gotta love the mountain life.

We are done painting for now!  Steve repainted the Laundry/Mudroom yesterday and the Master bath this morning.  Much better – they’ll look super when the trim is up in a future time, far, far away…..

Up Go the Deck Posts

19Aug14 – After spending  a long time doing calculations (because there is no detail drawing of the demi-lune deck on the original plans) Steve started placing posts along this curved part of the deck.  He was able to get Geronimo & crew for the afternoon and maybe again tomorrow pm.  So nice having help for a difficult job.  Phew….

The Painting continues

13Aug14 –  Back from vacation in New England.  Saw my Son & family in NH and had a great time playing with my grandkids.  Then had a surprise birthday party in CT for my sister, Nancy, with all 4 of us sisters together for the first time in way too many years.  Had a complete ball!  Can’t remember when I’ve laughed so hard!

Came back to our Maple Forest Cottage with the First floor all painted, just need second coat in the Mud room/Laundry.  The channel bead board color is too light.  It’s the same color we used on the LR ceiling and lower portions up stairs, but it looks totally different in this space.  Back to the paint store for a deeper complementary color.

The master bath’s opal essence at 75% is still too dark.  It reflects a light blue onto the white channel bead board.  Back to the paint store for a lighter version of opal essence.  Ugh.  We’ll get it right.


Here are some photos.  The color is still off, no matter how hard I try to make the photos look right.

Pastry counter marble found up North

04Aug14 – Hank, our marble man (and owner) from Mountain Marble & Granite found a great slab of the marble we’ve been looking for:  Verde Antique.  It will be on the pastry counter & its backsplash.  It’s a very dark green with light veining.  We just love it.

He’s holding the Mariposa Danby Marble (it has dark grey & dark green veining) for us that we’ll use on the 4′ x 14′ center island.  Just think, someday they’ll be in place in our very own kitchen!

Steve is taping & draping the main floor for the next couple of days.  Lots of area to cover!

Painting the daylight basement

03Aug14 -Steve & I finished the seed matting on Thursday.  In the rain.  We didn’t want to risk losing all that had been done by watching the new slope of dirt flow down the mountain in a projected 3 days of rain.

We’re back to painting again – this time the “terrace level” or daylight/walk-out basement as I’m used to calling it.  We had painted the office (s) with Benjamin Moore’s Jicama (we had loved this color in our Florida house) but, true to form, our Maple Forest Cottage colors have to be lightened by 50% to get the look we’re after.  So we re-taped & draped to repaint the office, and then 1st time painted the Gym and Bath area.  The Media Room is our storage space for now and will have to wait a while….  That may be Benjamin Moore’s Fiji (a dark teal) that we also loved in Florida.

The color is perfect (a soft butterscotch), though not true to life on the computer screen.  Picture the ceiling a true white and adjust accordingly.