Monthly Archives: October 2014

Light switches, outlets, flooring, and the first 4 vanities!

06Oct14 – Fall has definitely arrived on the mountain.  A little sooner than expected, but the clear blue skies and warmish days are wonderful.  The leaves are just starting to change into their riot of colors. The nights are cold!

The majority of Steve’s time can now be spent on the Maple Forest Cottage since he’s got the road repairs in good form.  Doing the finished electrical work has taken quite a bit of time, but we now have light switches & outlets that work throughout the house!  We’re re-learning which switches go to what lights – planning all that out seems like eons ago.

Shane, the gas man came and hooked up our propane to the main house (no natural gas here on the mountain).  Bit of a job, but with Steve’s help it got connected.

Our maple engineered flooring arrived last week! All 100 boxes. Our kind neighbors, Tom & Marilyn, came over to help us unload – even bringing the appropriate boxes up to the bedroom floor.  We all got a workout – even the truck driver helped.  We now have a de-humidifier running in the kitchen area to make sure we are dry enough to put down the flooring.  We’re already within the recommended 4% difference between the warm board and the maple flooring, so we should begin to lay the floor next week, unless we have to get the warm board running first – then it would be about 4 weeks to get everything in running order. It’s all about acclimating the wood flooring to our environment which includes the warm board.  Steve’s researching how important it is to get the pex tubes in the warm board flowing with warm water before laying the floor.  Time will tell.

Four of our bathroom vanities arrived today:  the 2 on the terrace level, and 2 bedrooms upstairs.  Glen of GLP Custom Cabinetry and Woodworking is a true craftsman – his passion & experience of 30+ years is so evident.  We are thrilled with the results.  The master bath vanity will be delivered later, although it is finished – just not enough room in the truck!

We reviewed the kitchen cabinets & island design and measurements  to make sure we’re all on the same page.  Only minor tweaks here & there. He’ll be starting the kitchen this week.  OMG – after looking at the photos of the Maple Forest Cottage kitchen for about 20 years I can’t believe I’ll see the cabinets in my own kitchen in a matter of weeks.  Dreams really do come true….