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25Nov14 –  Well, my bronchitis is hanging in there like an old friend. It’s beginning to affect my mood and desire to work, work, work on our Maple Forest Cottage.  I  just have to listen to my body and slow down and set limits when necessary.  I’m near the end of the saga, but it just won’t let me go, yet.  Steve’s ahead of me in the process & just continues to work away…..

Main floor wood flooring done!

18Nov14 – We’ve finished the main floor wood flooring.  Yeah!  Steve cleaned it all up last night and when I came down it looked so nice.  Closer & closer to feeling like home.

It’s quiet today as tilers are not here and Steve’s working on thermostats.  It was sure exciting when there was a lot going on…..

Moving very big boulders and more… Post 2 of 2

17Nov14 = I’ve taken so many photos this past week that I needed to separate this post into two separate ones….

Moving very big boulders and more… Post 1 of 2

16Nov14 –  I’ve been sick all week with a chest cold/flu that’s gotten the best of me.  But, New England work ethic triumphs again – over to our Maple Forest Cottage I’d go everyday until I just couldn’t do another thing.  Steve’s been really sweet about it all – and he should be:  he’s the one who gifted me with the cold!

Here is a catch up of what’s been happening this past week…

Laying the maple hardwood floor…

10Nov14 – Steve and I have developed a great routine as we lay 2300sf of maple hardwood flooring over our warmboard.  I run around like a crazy woman trying to find the next perfect board and Steve gets to rest before nailing more boards in.  Perfect system.   :- )

It’s time for flooring installation!

04Nov14 – It’s been an unexciting month, visually, concerning our Maple Forest Cottage.  Steve spent a lot of time getting our radiant floor ready for the HVAC people, and then time connecting everything together.  We had heat one week before our first  27 degree night of the season!  It’s working wonderfully well. We’ll be able to work in comfort this late Fall/Winter.

I spent most of the month looking at tile samples, ordering tile samples, returning tile samples, adding borders, subtracting borders, looking at travertine, looking at porcelain tile, etc. etc.  I think I’ve finally got all the bathrooms, basement,  laundry/mud room and outside porch & deck all decided upon and ordered, if not already delivered.  It was quite the learning experience….

Mark & Lewis, our tilers, started work yesterday.  We decided to start in the basement so I might get to organize a real office after the tile is laid in there!  This is the busy season regarding selling real estate in the WNC mountains and working in the back of Steve’s workshop in the garage has not been, ah,  optimal.

Steve & I are laying the maple hardwood flooring ourselves.  All 2300 SF of it.  Honest.          We’re just taking it one day at a time – one section at a time.  But it’s instant gratification – each board that is laid down adds to the beauty of the room.  This is exciting!

Glenn, our cabinet maker has started work on the kitchen cabinets.  We should have them by the beginning of December.  My Christmas present.  It is so much fun fine tuning the Maple Forest Cottage’s kitchen into the kitchen of my dreams.  I’ll have to add our version to the photo gallery below.

I should be posting more regularly again, now that each day there will be progress made with the floors and then…the kitchen!  Can’t wait!  ;- )

See below photo gallery for links to kitchen plans….

Swanberg almost final kitchen 1 of 2

Swanberg final kitchen 2 of 2


Light fixtures and current tile picks

Nov14 – Oh my, I never posted this…

11Oct14 –  Our Library light fixture arrived this week!  And fun looking at kitchen storage ideas….