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Tiling progress at the end of 2014

31Dec14 – Christmas Holidays were spent up in New England with our kids & grand kids – really nice visit with them all.  ;- )

Not much was done during Christmas week as expected.  We’re continuing to work on floor tiling as Glenn, our cabinet maker, should be here next week with a lot of our cabinets to install!!  Now that is going to make such a difference….

Happy New Year everyone – Wishing you peace, happiness, and the fulfillment of the dreams you hold most dear.

Taking advantage of a warm Dec. Sunday…

14Dec14 – We have some nice subs.  Both the stone masons and the tilers came on a Sunday to take advantage of a sunny, warm, 62 degree day to get some outside work done.

Another super weather day tomorrow – yeah!  Get to have more work done outside!

Steve finished up the electrical work to connect the thermostats to the warmboard/radiant heating.  What a project – it’s amazing to me how much he knows.

We found a great site on-line to order our plumbing fixtures – 15% off competitive prices, ( 10% off, an additional 5% off if you sign up for their emails) no tax, and free shipping.  Such a deal!  And the main order came in two days, the back-ordered items arrived within 5 days.  Check it out:  Plumbing Depot

Photos from Steve’s phone….and mosaic tile hexes

06Dec14 – I’ve been taking photos with Steve’s phone and forgot to post them – just a little catch up.

We’ve begun the mosaic tile floor in the Master bath.  It’s coming out so pretty!! We’re using Grecian White Marble 1″ hex tile and then embellishing it with Ming Green Marble “flowers” as a border around the room – very similar to what they did in the original Maple Forest Cottage.  This means popping out the appropriate individual white hexes and replacing them with individual ming hexes – it took all four of us all morning yesterday to get about one third of the floor measured & organized on the bedroom floor first.  We then clear taped all the flower sections (so they wouldn’t fall out) and then moved the pattern one 12″ sheet at a time into the bathroom.  A bit labor intensive, but it felt like being at Summer Camp in Arts & Crafts class.

More like an OCD very ‘special’ class…..

More Floors….

04Dec14 – We’re continuing to focus on floors for awhile.  So great to cover over all the green & orange striped warm board!

Finally bit the bullet and went to the doctor this week.  Darn close to pneumonia:  oops.  Even as much as a naturalist as I am, I am very grateful for Western medicine when needed.  I’m feeling a lot better already!

The tilers started the main deck tile this week and will continue on it whenever the weather is warm enough.  They have tiled & are now grouting bath #2’s floor.  Came out good.  Then Steve & I realized that the same tile won’t work for smaller bath #3 as planned (too dark, too busy).  So I spent a good part of yesterday getting tile substitutes all over Asheville (each in the 60 or so square feet that’s needed),  lugging them home, carrying them up the stairs,  only to decide Steve was right that none of them worked.  That kind’a put a damper on my day.  Back to the drawing board….  I finally found a wonderful substitution on-line at 6am this morning, but the tiles won’t get here for a week.  Oh well, re-group – on to the Master bathroom instead!

Here’s what’s been going on this past week: (somethings wrong with all the photos posting in large format – just click each small photo and you’ll get them all)