Monthly Archives: January 2015

Still Tiling Away…

31Jan15 – We’re still tiling away, little by little.  We’re waiting in line for counter tops  to be cut, but they’re all picked out:  Yeah!

We ordered all the basic trim for the house yesterday.  Decided to go with hard maple  because the soft maple has too many pink tones to it.

Steve’s just starting today on the big braces & arches that go along the front porch and deck.  That will add the finishing touch to the over hangs.

Just a quickie on Lap Boards

23Jan15 – Steve was a trooper, once again.  He worked on putting up the lapboards ’til after 8pm last night.  Today is cold, foggy, rainy – no chance to continue outside….

Passed our shower pan inspection today!  Now the tilers can tile the shower floors and walls starting Monday!


Outside tile work in January, shower floors, and Insta Hot

20Jan15 – We are being blessed with Spring weather in the middle of January – low 60’s and sunny.  Continuing outside with the main deck tiling while we can.

Also, water proofing the master shower and a fun trip for me into town to Tyson’s furniture to pick out fabric for the sofa & love seat we picked out in December.

Tomorrow Steve and I are getting as much of the last lapboard up on the east side of the house, now that the tile is done there.  Hoping to get most of it done.  We’ll see….

Update:  22Jan15.  Our electricians, Walt & Darlene are here today to finish up the electrical in the kitchen cabinets and island.  I have added an Instant-Hot to my list of appliances since their last visit, totally unaware it needs a “dedicated circuit”.  So take a look at the last pics to see what Steve and Walt & Darlene are doing in the kitchen while I just close my eyes to the kitchen, come to my computer and say thank you, thank you that I will actually have Instant boiling water whenever I need it.

So, we’ve only gotten 3 lapboards up so far…..

Kitchen cabinet ‘carcasses’ are here!

26Jan15 – Glenn, our cabinet maker, left at 3am from his new shop in VA in freezing rain to get here by noon to deliver our kitchen cabinet ‘carcasses’ as they’re called.  I call them the bones of my cabinets.  What an exciting 2 days to watch it all take shape.


Bath #2 tile design looking super!

13Jan15 – Cold and gloomy out on the mountain for the next couple of days.  We’re glad to be working inside!

Glenn is scheduled to bring some of the cabinets tomorrow…..So not wanting to get excited, yet.

Now, for the life of me, I can’t get the photos below to show in the correct order in the large size.  Feel free to use your imagination!


More tile floor details and a hike up our back yard…

06Jan15 – What a beautiful day on the mountain.  Cold, but so very sunny and bright.

More labors-of-love today as we move ahead with the tile work.  It’s well worth the sore back and worn out thumbs and chipped finger nails and…..

Happy New 2015!

05Jan15 – Happy New Year!  This is the year we plan on moving into our Maple Forest Cottage.  That doesn’t mean it will be completely finished, but we’ll have our C.O. meaning working kitchen and bathrooms, etc.  We’re projecting Spring, I’m going to play it safe and make a guesstimate of May 27th.  Only time will tell.

This weekend we cleaned out our Outside Storage Central,  aka The Back Porch.  We threw away what is no longer needed and gave away some lumber to our tiler, Lewis.  He’s going to finish his kids tree house with it.  We put down a temporary floor that has no holes in it – the porch will be one of the last places we’ll focus our time and attention on – don’t need it to get our C.O.

Steve & I spent a good few hours yesterday setting the rest of the tile pattern for the master bathroom.  Popping 1″ hex tiles and replacing them with Ming green tiles to finish the “flower” border and taping them together with packing tape .  Mark & Lewis will move up there next and actually lay/secure the tile.  Steve has done such a wonderful job – we are only a bit out of plumb (I don’t dare say how much) and luckily it isn’t even noticeable.  Phew!  Not willing to re-do a whole mosaic tile floor.

So, we’re still focusing on tile – it’s so exciting to see ‘nearly finished’ floors in the house! We’re moving the tile guys around so that we’ll have all the necessary tile in place & grouted for when a lot of our cabinets will be delivered later this week – so cool.  I might even move some of my kitchen “stuff” that I’m storing in the garage into the door-less kitchen cabinets just because I’ve been waiting for so long….