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So I was thinking on my daily walk up the mountain the other day…

22Feb15 – On my daily walk up the mountain, to pass time I began thinking of what I would have liked differently about our Maple Forest Cottage.  I went through each room realizing I am very happy with things as they are (or else they had already been changed).  Then as I came to the Master Bathroom, I realized I really didn’t like what had become a long skinny shower niche. Hmmm.  As browsing through has become a daily ritual for the past 3 years, I had become increasingly enamored with the photos of long horizontal shower niches.  Ah, everything on one shelf, so easy to access, so easy to keep clean.  That was the one thing I would change. And the tilers are off until our tile is delivered….

So I casually ask Steve one early morning this week/ “How much work would it be to change the master shower’s long vertical niche into a long horizontal one?”  A painful look came across his face and he answered, “At least 3 days.”.  “Oh. I guess I’ll have to let this one go,” I thought to myself…  But it would be so cool.  It would work so well in this shower.

It’s yesterday morning, my birthday, and to my utter surprise Steve announces that I should get up and see my present.  He takes me to the master bathroom and there are the tools to change the long skinny vertical shower niche into a long horizontal shower niche!!  “I’ll need your help with this, he smiles, but Happy Birthday!”

Ok, I must be dreaming.  This guy who is busy trimming the entire house by himself is willing to take the time to honor this one last (maybe) change order.  I’m impressed and so excited!  OMG, I’m actually  going to get my horizontal shower niche!  Day one was demolition.  Day two was re-construction. Tomorrow, day three, is final water proofing.

And tonight he comes in at 10pm, covered in saw dust powder having finished putting up all the trim in bedroom #3.  I’m counting my lucky stars, grateful to have such a thoughtful partner as Steve.  I’m one lucky gal.  And, PS: Steve thinks the horizontal shower niche will be pretty cool, too.


I hiked down to our mountain’s Triple Falls Sanctuary this afternoon.  I was excited to see the views as the remaining ice & snow were melting away with the temp reaching 58 degrees.  I added some pics for you to enjoy.

12 Day Update….

18Feb15 – Basement shower & Bath #3’s shower are tiled and grouted!  We’re waiting on more tile to arrive to continue on with the Master Shower.  Mark & Lewis are going to work on another job until we’re ready to move forward.

Our lumber for the trim boards – all of them – arrived late last week.  I was in town on errands when they were delivered.  Lucky me!  I didn’t have to help unload them all.   ;- )

We’ve made it to the Master bath’s shower floor!

06Feb15 – It’s Friday already and we got some good tiling done this week.  We made it to the Master bath’s shower floor!  I’ve been looking forward to this in particular.  We have a linear drain and needed to be extra careful to line up the 2″ ming mosaic floor tiles just right, square and snug.  Steve assisted Mark & Lewis and in a couple of hours they had dry layed the floor. By the end of the day they had set the floor minus the corner that will have to wait until Monday. Meanwhile they continued on with Bath #3’s shower.

06Feb15 Verde Jaco Granite

Verde Jaco

I drove into Asheville and picked up the shower seat for the Master bath (and more grout, etc).  I had found a beautiful Costa Esmerelda remnant a while back, but it was 2″ too short no matter how hard I “wished” it into the right length.  But then I saw the Verde Jaco piece and knew that was “IT”!  Here they are:

066Feb15 Costa Esmerelda Granite

Costa Esmerelda







Hmmm, I can’t figure out how to get back to a left margin – ‘Gotta get creative….

Got it!  Here’s more photos.








Tile, tile and more tile….

05Feb15 – Here is where we’re at with our tiling process… We hope to tackle the master shower floor with the linear drain tomorrow!