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Library trim is done! And Happy 3rd Birthday to our Maple Forest Cottage in-the-making!

22Jul15 – Steve & Micah had a surprise for me this morning when I came home from teaching my Yoga class:

The Library trim is done!  Wow!  Except for our variation of just two windows together instead of three, it looks just like the original Maple Forest Cottage Library/Office with all the trim lined up!!  “This doesn’t happen without good communication” as the architect Michaela Muhady says in the DVD.  Although in our case it was more like ‘some miscommunication with corrections along the way’….

You don’t know how cool this is for me after waiting all this time – since the 90’s when I first set eyes on a photo of the Maple Forest Cottage and fell in love, and now three years, yes 3 years! this week since we started construction on this mammoth project.  Wow.  What more can I say…..


A mill work assistant for Steve!

20Jul15 – I was on vacation with my son & family at a cottage on Lake Winnipasaukee last week.  It was so great to “get off the Rock” and play with my grandchildren!

We got a great referral for a finish carpenter named Micah.  He’s a joy to have around and is helping Steve get some of this plethora of mill work under his belt.  It took a week for both of them to hang all the doors – rest assured, they are all perfectly level and plumb!  And don’t worry, I won’t bore you with pictures of all the doors.  Just one token door in the master bedroom…..

Ugh, I even deleted and reloaded all the photos and they still are out of order.  Sorry about that.  Click ‘Next’ for two photos and then click ‘Previous’ to get all the rest.  So strange…




Trimming out the Maple Forest Cottage

08Jul15   Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.  We had our neighborhood/community party yesterday.  What fun!   Steve & I are still recovering from all the great food and delectable desserts we managed to consume.

Steve is continuing the main floor door & window casings and general trim.  It is so exciting to see the cosmetic touches looking so well.

We went down to our favorite mill work company, Smokey Mountain Lumber , this afternoon to order our crown molding, stair treads and ballasters.  They should be available in a week or so.

8 1/2 weeks til we should be moving in. Oh my, could it really happen this time?