Monthly Archives: August 2015

Lacquering and staining our little hearts out

31Aug15 – There’s not much to show visually for this post.  We’ve been taking down doors to apply the lacquer finish (4 coats), and I’ve continued to stain ceiling boards.  These are necessary things, but not the most exciting.  Micah will be back tomorrow and he & Steve will work on the main level stair case.  That will be fun to watch take shape – it’s such an integral part of the main floor….

Steve shared that we won’t be ready for the anticipated move-in date of 30 Sep.

O. M. G.

What can I do but take a deep breath and know we’re getting closer each day.  Our Carriage House renters will be in on 30Sep regardless and we’ll be homeless for a couple of weeks.  Ha! Not really – we have offers of safe haven from many of our friends here on the mountain.  However, I’m game for pulling the mattress out of the storage room, living on the lower level, and cooking with the microwave. Maybe I’ll insist on the hot water working!  What’s a couple of weeks at this point?!

Now, on a completely different note, I have to share this link with you.  Just go to the 21Aug posting.  It’s a flying car of the near future.  You’ve got to watch!  I want one!!!!

Stairs, trim, & staining the back porch ceiling panels

25Aug15 – We’re diligently moving forward on our Maple Forest Cottage.  We’re finishing up long awaited things, like the front porch tile floor(well, almost, we still need to grout & clean) and plodding through the trim and stairs.   I’m also getting things ready for the back porch & deck ceilings aka staining and sealing copious amounts of cedar tongue & groove boards.  I don’t feel so impatient about it all now as I realize this labor of love is really coming to move-in status shortly.  Aaah, what a relief to just have a relaxed attitude about it all!   Dreams do come true…..

31Aug15- Update:  That relaxed attitude lasted for about 1 day….


More kitchen cabinets!

21Agu15 – My, my.  More kitchen cabinets arrived today.  Not all of them.  Just more.  But, I’m still way excited to see my “uppers” in place.  Doors and panels come later.

Micah is back from vacation and diligently working on whatever Steve has ready for him.  He & Steve started the lower level stair treads & risers this afternoon – what a difference that makes!!

We have 5 weeks to get ready for our C.O.  It’s hard to believe – and so very long in coming.  We have part time neighbors/friends who have offered us their home while they are in FL if we need it.  I’d rather just push & get into our Maple Forest Cottage, once & for all!!

Finishing the tile on the front porch entrance; lumber delivery

13Aug15 –  Since we weren’t able to find a tiler to finish our front porch floor (too small a project) we decided to do it ourselves.  Well, I picked out tiles and Steve did all the work on his hands and knees.  The recessed step isn’t as low as we had requested, so Pablo should be back this weekend to get it down to 1/2″ above the cement base.  Then we can tile right up to the step and be done with tile, once & for all!

We received our lumber delivery today for the stairs treads & risers, the back porch cathedral ceiling, and the terrace level’s ceiling.  It was a fine moment when Steve & I had unloaded the very last board.  Phew!

Arches in the great room, more driveway grading

07Aug15 – Work continues on the driveway.  Our Sub left early yesterday because of an abscessed tooth.  Ouch!  He’ll finish up the final grading and spreading of the crusher run to form our base on Monday.  Steve is still waiting for a quote on the gravel from our stone mason.  I’m ready to have it done with and go with our sub’s price, but Steve is right to get estimates.  I’m just not wanting to deal with all the base dust for too much longer….

Steve routed out the three main arches in the great room this afternoon.  Figuring out the correct radius and then setting up his mechanical method to attach the router at exactly the right place is quite a feat.  They came out just perfect, of course!  We’ll need to lacquer them and wait to attach them after we put the curved  “under board” as I call it on the under side of the arch.  We’ll have to put a lot of support poles and clamps to achieve this, wood isn’t fond of bending, but what a great photo I’ll get! And how beautiful it will look when all is said and done.

Stone pillar caps, inlaid step at entrance, and driveway work

04Aug15 – Lots going on today.  Not used to having more than one sub contractor on the site anymore!

Driveway:  The storm drain is in and now the final grading will begin.

Porch inlaid stone step:  This is shown in the original plans (material of builder’s choice), but we decided against it long ago.  Then while during research at some time in this whole process, Steve saw an inlaid stone on the entrance porch of a house & fell in love with it.  Hence, our re-do of a small section of the porch floor.  It’s going to look great when we get the tiling finished!  When?  We don’t know either……..We may end up doing it ourselves.

The Sitz bank, starting the stairs, and driveway prep….

03Aug15 – Wow.  It’s been awhile since my last post.  Some things are just not photo-exciting and I also had a problem with my computer.  All is well now and I’m ready to show you what a wonderful job Steve is doing on the sitz bank (kitchen banquette).

Our final grading and stone-filling of the driveway starts this afternoon. Another Wow.  This will be a temporary treatment as the available funds at this stage of building are getting pretty darn skinny….   We had planned on 25-30% for cost overruns, and let’s just say we’ve been able to exceed that.  Oops!

Tomorrow Pablo and crew should be out to put the caps on the stone pillars.  Finally.  We’re really excited to see the pillars finished.  Then sometime in the future we’ll wrap the posts and construct the arches and brackets for the porch and deck.  We’re working for our C.O. before September ends.  I feel certain we will be in our Maple Forest Cottage before the leaves turn color.  A third, and huge, Wow!!