Monthly Archives: September 2015

More Trim added to LR & DR, installing door knobs…….

20Sep15 – Watching all the main floor trim going up is making Our Maple Forest Cottage come to life!  After a busy day’s work, we just sit back in the sitz bank and look in wonder at all that has been accomplished so far.

I went on my 8th Rim Hike of the year yesterday.  It was an arduous 7 hour hike and I came back exhausted, but seeing Montreat & Ridgecrest from over 5500 feet up was truly awe inspiring.  I’ve added a couple of photos from the top.

Steve is also beginning to install the door knobs.  He found this great place online that sells all sorts of door hardware templates.  It takes all the guess work out of aligning the various parts as well as saving so much time when doing it all by hand.  I’ll have to get the name of the company from Steve and share it with you in the next post.  They are definitely worth looking into!  Update:  It’s Templaco.

Great Room arch trim is in!

14Sep15 – Four out of 12 deck railings were installed on Friday.  Let’s just say there was a lack of communication on their side and they are re-doing 8 sections of railing.  Looks like another week or two before all the railings will be installed.  What we have look tremendous – love the design we found on line.

Today was a great day for visual progress!  I came home from a Realtor’s seminar to see the arches in the great room trimmed out.  Wow.  It looks just like the DVD with all the braces holding up the three under-arch trim pieces in place.  We’ve made it this far, yahoo!


Porch ceiling is finished!

05Sep15 – Micha worked on a Saturday today to help finish the back porch ceiling.  It’s stained cedar tongue & groove.  It really came out good!   ;- )   They were able to get the MiraTec trim completed on the far end.  We’ll be putting shakes up there this week while we have the scaffolding for it.  The other side will have to wait for when the interior floors are being finished.  Time to go back inside and focus on other things for the C. O.

Prepping for the Front Door and Starting the Back Porch Ceiling

04Sep15 – It’s time to prepare for the Front Door we haven’t even ordered yet!  It’s out to bid to the last fabricator and then we’ll decide who to use.  But it sure is nice to see the area looking more finished!

Steve & Micah decided to take a break from trim and stairs and moved outside yesterday to the back porch to work on the ceiling.  We changed the original plans and have it as wide as the living room with a cathedral ceiling.   The porch just happens to be situated where the breeze comes up from the valley and is always the coolest place on the property in the Summer.  And the view is right before us – our Maple Forest Cottage was meant to be built on this lot!