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Deck Railings are IN!!! And it’s Halloween…..

31Oct15 –  Happy Halloween!  This is one of my favorite holidays and have always done it in a BIG way, but I’ll I have to sit it out this year because I just don’t have the time or energy to do it justice.  Next year though – Watch Out!


Trick or Treat!


Halloween Candy

This used to be the best part! (“Used to”?)



ghosts 600

This is the c-r-e-e-p-y part…..


So, the big news?  The deck railings are in, in, in!  It took 9 months for “the company” to get it right, but who’s counting?  (me, me, me).  They look just as we had imagined and are a perfect complement to our Maple Forest Cottage.

We almost got our fireplace doors, but they forgot to add the glass to the doors & the doors were too tight to close.  Not good for code,  so back they go for a third re-fabrication.  But I took a couple of pictures to look at longingly while we wait for the finished product..  Did I ever mention that building this house is lesson upon lesson in patience?  I’m ready to graduate!

Steve is continuing to work on the main stairs, as Micah had a big job scheduled previous to us.  It’s taking shape!

It’s been a month now that we are “living” across the mountain in the log cabin.  We literally just sleep and shower there, spending the rest of our time here at the cottage ( and trips into Asheville to get building supplies!)  Looks like it will be another month or so before C.O. so we’ll have to find another home to live in as our friends are returning from Florida before Thanksgiving.  Eeek!  But, not to fear – we have many offers of shared lodging from our wonderful friends on this mountain.  Let’s see, since we moved to the Asheville area 3 1/2 years ago, we’ve lived in 5 places already.  I’m sure that must be a record somewhere!


Photos of our hearth being crafted

26Oct15 – Nick, our stone mason, has been kind enough to take pics as he & his crew are crafting our stone hearth for the living room fireplace.  It’s taken months for them to find the right stone and it’s been worth the wait.  Take a look:


Sharing Fall pics here on the mountain

25Oct15 – There have been some stunning days this past week on the mountain.  Just wanted to share a few pics with you.

We walked on our finished floors this morning.  It all looks so beautiful.  Aaaaah.  We’re on the home stretch now…..

Upstairs trim done – Finishing the maple floors!

22Oct15 – It’s been quite an exciting week here at our Maple Forest Cottage!  We’ve worked late into the night (like, midnight….) to be ready for the floor finishers who started on Tuesday am.  The master bed & bath trim is basically done and the maple floors have been sanded, sealed, and had 2 finish coats applied.  We may have them come back when the main floor woodwork is done to apply a 3rd coat.  What a difference!!  The floors have been covered in sawdust and what-not since the beginning of the year and to see them now in their glory is truly amazing!

I’ve been joking with friends relieved that the Workshop has “left the building” only to find out that Steve is planning on using the Dining Room to re-set up shop for the remaining wood work.  What’s a girl to do?

Prepping the master bath for final painting and working on main stair landings

15Oct15 – Steve’s finally finished the final spray coat for all the upstairs doors and I’m continuing to prep for the final spray painting of the master bath.  Then on to the master bedroom trim and the upstairs will be ready for the floor finishers next week!

Steve & Micah continued to work on the main stairs.  Most of today was spent on preparing the first landing riser – getting all the dimensions just right and joining the two boards together. Fitting the cherry banding around the radius of the two landing risers will be a challenge, but I know Steve can do it.  Rah! Rah!

Finishing the Trim in the Master Bath

10Oct15 – Finally.  The master bath trim is being installed.  It’s been about 6 months since the process was put on hold for “other things”.  Tomorrow we prime the remaining bare boards,  fill nail holes, sand, tape & drape & spray the main coats of paint.  It’s going to be a busy day!

Renters are in the Carriage House. We temporarily move to the Laurel Cabin.

01Oct15 – It’s already October 1st.  Where does time go?  Our friends/fellow builders (just 2 lots down the road)/renters moved into the Carriage House yesterday.  We decided not to camp out in our lower level as there is no hot water or adequate kitchen facilities.  So fortunately our friend’s from the other side of the mountain offered us their Laurel log cabin while they are at their other home in FL until the middle of November.  It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ you can store in 3 years in 650 sf of Carriage House while you are constructing your main house!  It was much more of a move & clean than I had imagined.  We’re exhausted, but relieved that we’ve carried out our commitment and can relax (sort of) while finishing our Maple Forest Cottage this Fall.  Phew.

Micah & Steve continue to progress with the main floor interior trim – almost done!  We lost a couple of days of wood finishing due to the current deluge of rain – up to 23″ in over a week and now rainy weather from Hurricane Joachim is about to dump another 12″ over this weekend.  So much for the dry, hot Summer – at least I won’t have to water the landscaping for a couple of weeks!