Monthly Archives: November 2015

Thank god for Hydrofracking, and our Font Door in person!

30Nov15 – Steve has spent the last couple of weeks spending a lot of time hooking up all the plumbing equipment:  1,000 gal inside potable water cistern, booster pump, etc, etc.  I’ve never seen so many pvc pipes and elbows & T’s, and copper fittings, etc. – especially when they are on the lower level floor and in the way!  ;- )

Rural wells…..  What one never wants to hear is:  no sound of running water….. oh no, not now at the end of construction…..We had to hydrofrack the well last week to the tune of a lot of dollars.  The well started to go dry and wasn’t replenishing itself at all like it was, so we had no choice but to shake it up a bit to bring back some water.  It worked, but not to the extent we were hoping.  Steve has connected our inside 1,000gal potable water cistern & runs the well water through it so it stays fresh.  That is a wonderful reservoir to have!  Ah, life in the country…..

On the good & exciting news front:  We visited our front door today at the woodworkers shop.  Oh my, it’s a beauty.  We’re having Josh of Garner Woodworks go ahead and stain the door since we’re getting into the colder season.  I needed to get a piece of the mahogany wood so I can develop my stain formula to match the door jam that Steve put in eons ago….

So, our C.O. remains elusive, but we move forward a little bit each day.

Adding the final deck lights

16Nov15 – Steve’s been busy getting the balusters ready for the main stairs, and getting the back of the kitchen desk configured, and working on some of the final plumbing, and….

This afternoon he installed the two lights on the demi-lune deck.  Something we’ve been waiting a long time for! (sound familiar?)  The verdigris on the new lights starts bright green then mellows when exposed to the elements.  The first time we received the lights we were horrified and called the distributor.  He assured us the patina would darken – and so it has on every one of them.

We’ve received the marmoleum for the inset in the kitchen floor as is pictured in the original Maple Forest Cottage.  We chose to go with painters palette as the orange/brown in the original home just didn’t work for us!  It coordinates really well with our color scheme.  It’s laying out on the dining room floor after being rolled up for awhile.  It will get installed, ah, sometime.

Installing the Appliances!!!!

07Nov15 – The appliances were installed Thurs & Fri!  OMG the kitchen is finally taking shape!

The appliances were delivered on Thurs afternoon and the installers, Scott & Crew of ADAS out of Myrtle Beach, SC (contracted out because Ferguson’s is so back logged) arrived by 5pm.  They are work horses!  And so pleasant to be around.  They didn’t leave until after 10pm and were back on the job Friday at 7am.  Wow.  We were duly impressed!

51 Drawers installed yesterday!

04Nov15 – Our cabinet maker came through with 51 drawers made of German Beech wood and installed them yesterday.  He did a wonderful job making them.  It is so nice to see drawers in all the cabinet “carcasses”.  He’ll be back with drawer and cupboard faces next.  Still a way to go, but he’s getting closer……

Steve’s been hanging our wall sconces and other lighting as a break in the ho-hum part of getting ready for the C.O. Our appliances are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!! Now that will be weird – the kitchen will really start looking like a working kitchen by tomorrow afternoon.  What a novel thought.  And I can’t move into the kitchen until we get our C.O. – what a tease!