Monthly Archives: January 2016

Fireplace doors are in!! And Front Door Glass installed the same day!

20Jan16 –  We had a bit of excitement yesterday.  The fireplace doors were installed and look fantastic!  It took a bit of re-fabricating due to the hearth having an area 1/4″ higher than the firebox, so we took the extra off the top of the fireplace opening instead and the blacksmith managed to fix the frame right on site.  Thank God…..

The glass for the front door was also installed, and no scratches this time.  Phew!

We’re really getting down to the nitty gritty.  I’m chomping at the bit wanting to decorate, but we have to get the C.O. first….

Steve is finishing the balusters & hand rails upstairs today.  We’re really pleased with how they look.   C.O. in just a few weeks!  Pics below.

Front door is in!

03Jan15 –  Happy New Year to all!  I can’t believe the holiday season has come & gone already.  My motto this year is “Dream Bigger!”  (Probably referring to selling more real estate to help pay for our dream!)   Give it a try.

Steve has continued to work on the main & lower level stairs – it’s really looking like the books and DVD!!  But the extra exciting thing is the main door is in!!!!!  It looks simply beautiful.  Josh and team at Garner Woodworks outdid themselves.  The installers were all done and just cleaning the window when they found a chip in the glass.  Oh no….  So down the window came & up went the Kerdi-board, our temporary substitute, until a new piece of glass can be delivered.  I was so looking forward to the light shining through the windows, but the door is in and the glass will be here soon.  I’m grateful for that.  Now I just have to get Steve to install the latch & mortise joint so we don’t have to always use the kitchen door to enter the house!