Monthly Archives: April 2016

More cabinet tops, more trim work….

26April16 – Steve’s been working on applying still more trim to our Maple Forest Cottage.  Each piece adds more charm to this wonderful home design!

I’ve been mulching the landscaping the past couple of weeks – up to 12 cubic yards!  I do 2 yards at a time and come in the house pretty darn exhausted.  Last two yards should be finished on Thursday.  Phew!

Our Stickley table is going to be delivered in about 3 weeks.  The fabric for the chairs is back ordered so we’ll have to wait until June sometime before we see those – what’s 6-8 weeks in the life of constructing this house?!

Working on desk tops, unpacking, an early Spring on the Mountain, and did I say unpacking?

04Apr16 – We’ve been spending the last couple of weeks continuing to unpack from boxes packed 4 years ago!  What a surprise when we open the wrapping and discover a lost treasure or a “What-the-heck-were-we-thinking-of-packing-this-for-a-1000-mile-trip-to-the- mountains?”
We’ll be downsizing some more…but some things will be hard to part with.  I mean, a solid wood statue of a pelican (named PlumBob) doesn’t really work in WNC, nor does my mermaid collection, although for those who know her, Muriel will find a place in my Zen room!

Steve’s been tackling the various cabinet cherry tops, most excitedly the cherry desk that is part of the kitchen island!  More and more our Maple Forest Cottage is coming to be!!