Monthly Archives: May 2016

Wallpapering the powder room and a d.a.r.k dining room table….

31May16 – In preparation for “The Four Sisters Reunion” Steve finished the coffee station shelving and began work on the powder room.  We were wallpapering just hours before they arrived on Friday and we got as far as two walls. By the time they left yesterday  the pedestal sink was in and functional!  The Reunion (with spouses) was a complete blast.  I haven’t laughed that often in years – everyone is a comedian….  Eight people in our Maple Forest Cottage is a lot for us – but not for the house.  We all managed fine.

Our long awaited (19March) dining table was delivered this afternoon.  It is beautiful.  But not the color ordered.  It-is-d.a.r.k.  We had decided to accept the discontinued very light cherry stain and the chairs would be a darker (but still light) stain as a two-tone contrast. Hmmm…..  I have an email into the sales person to see what can be done as this is supposedly the last (new) Glasgow table in all of Stickley-dom.  The chairs are waiting for their back ordered fabric and will be here in a few weeks.  The drama continues.  I wonder what creative solution we’ll come up with?!

A visit to our new cabinet maker’s shop

22May16 – We took a visit last week to see Larry, our new cabinet maker, at his shop, “Morgan’s Cabinet Shop.”  He’s got a lot going on there!  We were excited to see our door & drawer fronts in person – not a biggy for anyone else, but after 2 1/2 years we are darn ready to have our cabinets  f-i-n-i-s-h-e-d !!  Just another couple of weeks as he paints them and then  does the install.  It will be a happy day at our Maple Forest Cottage!

I planted my peas and beans today.  Made a tee pee of tomato poles for the beans, and am working on a re-bar & string trellis for the peas.  I bought a concord grape plant and am researching where & how to plant it and care for it before putting it in the ground.  I’ve always wanted to grow grapes, now if I can just get it right and not have to share too many with the bears and other wildlife up here….


Digging out sod for an edible garden, and Steve paints the media room!

15May16 – I spent about 10 days with a railroad pick axe digging out sod on a steep slope so I could make myself an edible garden.  That grass was darn tenacious!  What a project.  I’ve got it all mulched now and have planted 4 pumpkin plants, 8 kale, 6 radish, with green beans and peas coming.  Already there were 3 raspberry bushes, 4 blue berry bushes, and a mother strawberry plant with about 8 of here offspring.  I’m new at this and am having a ball!

Meanwhile, Steve’s been getting ready to paint our media room.  We picked the color out really fast – not normal for the two of us.  We decided on Benjamin Moore’s Twilight we love how it came out.  Later, we’ll be covering the insulated wall with a sound proofing fabric.   It’s darn dark in there now!