Monthly Archives: September 2016

The back porch takes shape – Whoo Hoo!

26Sep16 – The back porch is really taking shape.  It’s been used as the workshop (among other places….) as we were building and we’ve been waiting for over 2 years to be at a point where we can add this last “room” to our Maple Forest Cottage.  We’ve already read the Sunday paper there, had two meals and watched the reflection of a gorgeous sunset on the valley.  I’m in love with this space and we’ve even got a good few weeks to enjoy it before the jackets & blankets come out along with fires in the fireplace!

Constructing again! The back porch….

21Sep16 – Happy Last Day of Summer!  It sure has flown by….We are finally getting below 80 degrees and Fall’s soft dry breeze is here.  Aaaaahhhh.

We’ve begun work on the back porch!  We’re both so excited to see it starting to take shape.  The last work was done exactly a year ago when Micah helped Steve put up the ceiling and shake the inside of the North gable.

My goal is to make this space our “Rustic Cabin in the Woods” and hoping Steve will go along with the vision.  Weather permitting, I think this may become my favorite room in the Maple Forest Cottage; besides the Kitchen, Living room, Library, Master bd/ba, Yoga room, mud room….

you get the idea. 😊

Finishing the ceiling under the deck – well, almost….

02Sep16 – Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Labor Day is observed on the first Monday in September and pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. Did you know that it was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894?  Work has been around a long time…..

We’ve been enjoying Summer on the mountain and our Maple Forest Cottage. It’s really home now.  Work has slowed down as we are so near the end of construction and other responsibilities have taken priority.