Monthly Archives: January 2017

First Snow of the New Year!

15Jan17 – Last weekend we got a whopping 7″ of snow in Creston.  That’s BIG for our mountain!  Out came the plastic sleds and texts to neighbors for sledding down Tanager Lane….

Still working on our Maple Forest Cottage gingerbread house.  I want to keep it fun!

Happy New Year!

02Jan17 – Where did Fall go?  Here we are already in the New Year.  Here’s to a prosperous and happy one for all of you!  May your dreams come true.

The Holidays were a blurr, but so enjoyable.  We were so busy getting our FL Keys’ homes ready for market 5 & 6 years ago and then spending the last four years building our Maple Forest Cottage that Christmas has taken a back seat for a long while.  We were in the Christmas spirit this year being in our “completed” home for the Holidays.  Steve made me a cherry mantle for my gift and I love it!  I’m giving him lumber to make the stadium seating in the media room.

I’ve even started a MFC gingerbread house (with alterations, of course) that probably won’t be finished until February – but it’s such fun creating it