Monthly Archives: March 2017

Master bedroom window seat and book case are in ~ Gingerbread House is D-O-N-E!

20March17 – Steve has spent the last 6 days (5 of them with a nasty cold)

  1. Making the master window seat bookcases only to re-do them so they are centered on the wall.  The original Maple Forest Cottage has them set over to the window side and we thought we could live with that.  Until we realized we couldn’t – too off center for us.
  2.  Helping install, prime, paint, etc the master window seat.  Now to find new fabric for the cushion (what I bought 2 years ago doesn’t cut it) and try to have that done by our wedding in May. Larry delivered it and the foyer settee  base last Tuesday.  That was so exciting – we’ve been waiting literally, years, for these two pieces!  Steve will “now”  finish the settee with it’s curved maple & cherry top and lacquer the wood.

My Gingerbread house is D-O-N-E for this year.  OMG,  4 months of my life constructing this little replica (almost) of our Maple Forest Cottage.  It’s time to move on to other things!  I am pleased with how it came out, however, and enjoyed bringing it to life.  I’ll store it in the mud room up on top of the red storage cabinet I got last month.

One by one we’re dealing with the final things on our punch list…..

March 2017 Finishing up our MFC odds and ends…

10Mar17 – Steve is under the wire to get all Our Maple Forest Cottage odds and ends finished up.  We’ve set our wedding date for May 27th and the deal is the house will be “done” by then.  So after a couple of months off from working on the house, Steve is back in the saddle tackling those not-so-exciting finishing touches.

I, meanwhile, am still working on my gingerbread house!  Ha!  Just need to add the porch/deck railing, add the snow, and put a bow around it and it’s done!

My long awaited Rojo Cabinet from Crate and Barrel finally arrived – on my Birthday no less!  How very exciting – I’ve been imagining that in my mud room for about 3 year now, working on Steve to go with a red cabinet.  His ‘yes’ was a wonderful way to turn ah, 64.  Ugh…..