About Steve & Jane

Kids will be kids.....

Forever young…..

I fell in love with the Maple Forest Cottage at the back of Sarah Susanka’s, The Not So Big House, the first time I saw it back in 1998.  It was a magical, fairy tale type of house designed by Michaela Muhady in 1993 that immediately felt like home – a haven of a place that would envelop you with warmth & coziness.  I copied pages from the book and saved them in my “Dreams” folder and filed it away as a ‘Wow, wouldn’t it be wonderful’?

Fast forward 14 years later – Summer of 2011.  My partner, Steve, and I are living on the ocean in the Florida Keys near Key West.  He’s retired, I’m working in real estate. An idyllic life by most standards.  But we were becoming restless….

This blog is about our new adventure that led us to the mountains of Western North Carolina and the building of our dream home, The Maple Forest Cottage, in Black Mountain.  Curl up and read on – it’s bound to be quite a ride!

Our view East North East

Our view East North East