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Pouring the Porch foundations

01Jun13:  Five masons are on duty today pouring the cement into the cinder block foundations (Stage 3) on both the front & back porches of our Maple Forest Cottage.  Something about missing, forgotten, or broken couplings that made them have to do it the old fashioned way:  bucket by bucket!

Steve & Hugh are on the 2nd floor warm board cutting in custom grooves in prep for laying the Pex tubing.

We should see a gable end up by next week – way excited about that!

Framing: Day 17

31May13:  Fairly quiet day compared to the hub bub of yesterday.

Framers left 1/2 day for a previous commitment – got 2nd floor bedroom & bath warm board area corrected and hung 3 floor joists in living room.

Mason’s spent their time building the cinder block portion of the front & back porches. We’re pouring the cement to fill them tomorrow.

Marion, NC inspector, Jerry, came and gave us approval for this stage.  Shared that new rules require glass doors on all fireplaces.  Not our first choice.  We may buy a cheap pair and discard them after the inspection.  Shush!  I didn’t say that….