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Taking a break and then little bits of this and that…..

04Aug17 – Wow.  After simultaneously getting the house “finished” for the wedding and planning the wedding itself we needed an extended break from all the craziness – as delightful as it all turned out…..  There was just no adrenaline left (or $$$…) for either of us and decided to slow down.  A lot.  Time to replenish our resources – all of them!

Here are a few of the things we’ve seen and done so far this Summer. Our white water rafting trip with Blue Heron and 13 of our neighbors was a hoot!


(Un)Officially finishing Our Maple Forest Cottage in time for our Wedding

31May17 – Steve came through – we’ve (un)officially finished Our Maple Forest Cottage (has anyone out there truly finished their Maple Forest Cottage?) and had our wedding on the deck as dreamed of on Saturday the 27th.  What a wonderful experience:  It was a B-L-A-S-T!!  And we were blessed with beautiful weather, 72 loving family & friends, super food, and a hot-shot dance band from Atlanta.  Most of us baby boomers are still a bit stiff from all that rock ‘n rollin’ – Ha!  Who would have ever imagined?

Here are just a few pics for now – more will be rolling in – promise not to bore you with too much!




23May17 – Moving on to the next stage on our screened porch:  The screens!  We found a great product called Screeneze that makes screening a porch so much easier and the results are so clean and professional looking.  We highly recommend looking into this wonderful product!

UPS brought the self closing hinges this afternoon so the screen doors should go up tomorrow! Just days to spare from our wedding date on Saturday…..



Back porch fireplace Day 3

15May17 – Day 3 and our back porch fireplace has been stoned.  We are so pleased with the work of our artistic stone masons! The mantel and brackets are ready to be hung, and we found some lanterns at a great price.  They’ve even got Edison bulbs in them with wavy water glass.

Steve’s finishing the porch knee walls in prep for the screens. Just in time for Summer – yeah!

So much going on all at once – what will we do when our Maple Forest Cottage really is finished?!

Back porch fireplace getting stoned….

13May17 –  The stone masons arrived this morning to no electricity for almost the whole county due to a “personal” accident as Duke power explained.  We were without power for almost 12 hours and the generator on our want/need list has been put on the back burner for awhile.  So, Steve quickly went down mountain to town to rent a generator for our masons, only to learn by the time the power came back on that they hadn’t used it.  Oh well – we tried to be accommodating!

Here’s what they accomplished today – they’ll be back tomorrow:

Working on the back porch……

12May17 – We’re on to the back porch. We might finally have a real screened porch for this Summer!  The stone masons are coming Saturday to stone the fireplace so we’re making sure we’re ready for them!

The foyer bench, carpet tiles in the Gym!

08May17 – Slow and steady, everyday more is being completed on our Maple Forest Cottage.  The foyer bench with it’s radius curves and plethora of parts is taking shape.  This weekend we carpet tiles the Gym.  Wow!  It’s no longer a dumping ground but a (clean) dedicated space for working out.  We used Mohawk’s High Score tile in Enviro.  It’s just what we needed in there – neutral, yet subtly interesting.

18 more days – Can Steve do it?  Whatever is done is that much more than I had expected.  Kudos to my future husband, he’s getting so much accomplished on this detail – driven house.

Two remaining built-in cabinets being fabricated

03May17 – Steve is busy, busy, busy, moving fro one project to another.  With 24 days til the wedding he just may get our Maple Forest Cottage finished!


Master bedroom window seat and book case are in ~ Gingerbread House is D-O-N-E!

20March17 – Steve has spent the last 6 days (5 of them with a nasty cold)

  1. Making the master window seat bookcases only to re-do them so they are centered on the wall.  The original Maple Forest Cottage has them set over to the window side and we thought we could live with that.  Until we realized we couldn’t – too off center for us.
  2.  Helping install, prime, paint, etc the master window seat.  Now to find new fabric for the cushion (what I bought 2 years ago doesn’t cut it) and try to have that done by our wedding in May. Larry delivered it and the foyer settee  base last Tuesday.  That was so exciting – we’ve been waiting literally, years, for these two pieces!  Steve will “now”  finish the settee with it’s curved maple & cherry top and lacquer the wood.

My Gingerbread house is D-O-N-E for this year.  OMG,  4 months of my life constructing this little replica (almost) of our Maple Forest Cottage.  It’s time to move on to other things!  I am pleased with how it came out, however, and enjoyed bringing it to life.  I’ll store it in the mud room up on top of the red storage cabinet I got last month.

One by one we’re dealing with the final things on our punch list…..

March 2017 Finishing up our MFC odds and ends…

10Mar17 – Steve is under the wire to get all Our Maple Forest Cottage odds and ends finished up.  We’ve set our wedding date for May 27th and the deal is the house will be “done” by then.  So after a couple of months off from working on the house, Steve is back in the saddle tackling those not-so-exciting finishing touches.

I, meanwhile, am still working on my gingerbread house!  Ha!  Just need to add the porch/deck railing, add the snow, and put a bow around it and it’s done!

My long awaited Rojo Cabinet from Crate and Barrel finally arrived – on my Birthday no less!  How very exciting – I’ve been imagining that in my mud room for about 3 year now, working on Steve to go with a red cabinet.  His ‘yes’ was a wonderful way to turn ah, 64.  Ugh…..