Helpful Links You’ll Appreciate

These are some great links that will help you locate information that relates to the building of our Maple Forest Cottage.  I’ll be updating this list often, so come back & see what’s shown up!

1. The Not So Big House, by Sarah Susanka. This best-seller was met with an extraordinary response when it was published in 1998. In it, visionary architect Sarah Susanka embraced the notion of smaller, simpler shelters that better meet the needs of the way we live today. The book created a groundswell of interest among homeowners, architects, and builders. More than 200 photographs bring the spirit of the “Not So Big” house alive.  Here is where I discovered The Maple Forest Cottage.

2.  Here is Sarah Susanka’s website:  The Not So Big House

3.  PBS Hometime Series DVD “Managing Home Construction” featuring the original Maple Forest Cottage, 193 Minutes, 2004.

4.  Michaela Mahady,  & Michaela Mahady, the Architect behind the Maple Forest Cottage.

5.  Welcoming Home, by Michaela Muhady. Michaela Mahady delves into the psychology of how humans experience built places, in order to identify those characteristics that make us feel welcome, protected, comforted, and happy. Mahady explores such cottage elements as the welcoming features of entryways, the sheltering features of roofs, how fine craftsmanship conveys a sense of security and tradition, and which materials and colors create comfort and warmth.

6. Original Maple Forest Cottage Plans:  Here  or Here.

6.  Creston ECO Community in Black Mountain, NC – home to our Maple Forest Cottage

8. – I’ve been called “The Devil Woman” for sharing this with others.  The largest collection of exterior & interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet. Over 1000000 inspiring photos and 90000 ideabooks.  You’ll be hooked!

9.  Superior walls custom foundation systems use precast concrete walls with prefab insulated wall panels in green home construction for a warm, dry basement.

10. Warmboard, The Leader in Energy Efficient Radiant Heating is a company that provides radiant heating products that help to provide a clean and comfortable warmth to homeowners and businesses. You can have both your hardwood floors & radiant heating!

11. Pex Tubing, PEX Tubing is the flexible material placed in warmboard channels that are used in Radiant Heat and Hydronic Heating Systems. Hot water passes through the PEX and warms the room.

12.  Energy Star Certified New Homes A new home that has earned the ENERGY STAR label has undergone a process of inspections, testing, and verification to meet strict requirements set by the US EPA. ENERGY STAR certified homes use 15-30% less energy than typical new homes while delivering better comfort, quality, and durability.  And get you tax rebates from the IRS!

13.  Certainteed Grand Manor Shingles in Sherwood Forest.  We discovered that these were the shingles on the original Maple Forest Cottage by pausing the screen on the DVD where Robin is talking about architectural shingles and enlarging the still to view the wrappers on the bundles and there it was: Certainteed Grand Manor Shingles – Sherwood Forest.  Ta Da!

14. MiraTEC  trim is an engineered exterior house trim product that combines the beauty of wood decorative trim with the durability of composite trim.

15. Rumford Fireplaces Rumford fireplaces are tall and shallow to reflect more heat, and they have streamlined throats to eliminate turbulence and carry away the smoke with little loss of heated room air. Rumford fireplaces were common around 1796.

16. Marvin Windows & Doors:  We chose the unfinished pine interior and Sherwood Green for the exterior.  Ask for samples, they look different in person. We chose the Ultimate Clad casement windows for most of the applications, and custom for others.

17. Arroyo lighting:  This site has the best prices on Arroyo Craftsman Lighting on the internet.  Gary is so easy to work with. These are the exterior cottage lights that were used in the original Maple Forest Cottage (Actually, they used the interior version for some reason). Sizing is confusing, we learned this through ordering the wrong size first time around.  Order the 7″ fixture as shown.

18. TI-Proboard:
TI-ProBoard is a structural underlayment that allows an installer to tile an area without the use of additional sub-floor materials. Consider it as a base for tiilng decks, balconies & verandas.  We’re using this for the raised deck off the kitchen & living room.

19, Geo-thermal Heating & Cooling :   Geothermal power is a cost effective, reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly way of extracting heat from the ground’s natural heat through the use of wells, water-filled piping, and pump(s) to both heat & cool your home.  Energy Star rated.

20. Hide-A-Hose retractable hose central vacuum system.  Hide-A-Hose solves the problem of carrying and storing a central vacuum hose. Simply pull out the amount of hose you need and begin vacuuming. When you’re finished, the suction from the central vacuum power unit retracts the hose.  Sweet.

21. Tough Hide – This is as close as we can get to a plaster or plaster veneer wall without the exorbitant expense.  Tough hide is a vinyl-acrylic, latex based coating that provides a durable, high-end look that replaces the skim coat & primer.

22. Sintesi Cortina Tile Copper – this is on our short list for the deck tile, used in various sizes.  The other possibility is a slate look-alike tile.  Depends on which goes best with the finished stone work.

4 thoughts on “Helpful Links You’ll Appreciate

  1. Rusty

    I also fell in love with the house. I had looked at 1000000000 house plans and thought I had found the house of my dreams. So I started looking at siding stains. Went to Lowe’s and looked at the Cabot colors, and there it was. In the ad. so I started researching and found the plans. Im not sure yet when and if I’m going to build the full size house. I may down size it a little, Im not married or do I have kids. But one day i will build it. On my little piece of the world. I will like to see more of the framing and the roof line, when you have time to send them. I live in the Northwest Ga Mtn.

    1. Steve & Jane Post author

      Hi Rusty,
      I’d be glad to send you pics of the framing & roof line. Part of the charm of the Maple Forest Cottage is the14:12 pitch and all the gables & dormers. This, however, makes for a complicated build. Ugh. And the plans are not totally complete! Steve & his local crew have had to get really creative in a couple of spots already. So, as the main house goes up I’ll pay particular attention to the details in photos for you! I’ll email you with more info.
      Thanks for your interest in the Maple Forest Cottage. Did you know there are 2 other smaller variations of this house that Michaela Mahady developed due to customer demand? For some reason the linking icon is not working right now, so just search for Maple Forest Cottage 2 and Maple Forest Cottage 3.

  2. Martha and Tim

    Hello Jane and Steve,
    Congratulations on breaking ground for your new home! The views are breathtaking and I feel your excitement to complete the job and get on with living there! My husband and I have bought the plans from the website “This New House” by Jeff who directed us to someone who had them for sale. We acquired them in May 2008 so the next plan was to find property. We ended up buying 52 acres a few years ago and still waiting for permits from the city (long story). We expect to be breaking ground this coming season. You can be sure we will be following your progress! We live in Canada’s Capital city of Ottawa so there are a few differences in the way we construct houses up here. I, too, plan to develop a website to document the progress.
    If I may “critique” your website, one feature that is a little annoying (and not sure if you can “set” differently) is going from picture to picture, when hitting the “next” button the site takes up back up to the top of the page which forces you to scroll down again to the picture, not an easy flow from one picture to the next.
    Your bear pictures are pretty dramatic and close for comfort! Yikes! I enjoyed seeing them but wouldn’t want to live with them.
    Thanks for tall your links and information and keep the pictures coming!
    Good luck!
    Martha and Tim Kelly of Ottawa Canada

    1. Steve & Jane Post author

      Hi Martha & Tim!
      I’m so glad to find a couple getting ready to build their Maple Forest Cottage!
      I agree with you about the photos – very annoying. I’m going to contact WordPress this week to see
      what I need to do to correct that.
      The bears are a joy to see, but I have to remember they are wild animals and to respect their space. They
      were here before we were. The males are so laid-back. It’s the Mom’s with their cubs that you need to
      stay far, far away from!
      Please let me know when you start your blog. Steve & I would love to follow your journey also.
      And if you ever want to come visit a Maple Forest Cottage, you are most welcome – any time. It was an
      invaluable experience when we were invited to Tennessee to see our “model.” You can stay over in the Carriage House!

      Take care and thanks for joining our journey.

      Jane & Steve


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