Our Maple Forest Cottage Plans

Here is how our Maple Forest Cottage is going to look.  We are building a mirror image of the cottage so  it will sit on our lot to maximize the mountain views and made the 3-car garage a Carriage House so we can live in it as we build, literally, right next-door.  I’ll mention other changes later.

A word about architects…. A good architect is invaluable, however they are human, just like we are. Always. Always. Always. Check the details of their work making sure the details are correct and that they sync with another page(s), & actually do just that: sync. Correctly.  It’s painstaking work, but must be done to get the result you’ve been dreaming of.

Despite the stellar reputation of your architect, the Maple Forest Cottage is a complicated build & you may find mistakes & omissions that could cost big dollars or change the desired outcome of your dream plans.  Make sure your General Contractor & Builder go over the details – that’s what you are paying them for!  Remember:  Less expensive doesn’t always mean saving those dollars down the road.  Enough said.


Main Level Floor Plan:   MFC Carriage House Main Level Plan

Upper Level Floor Plan:   MFC Carriage House Upper Level Plan

The Four Elevations:   MFC Carriage House Elevations


Construction Doc Main Page:   MFC Cover Page

Site Plan:   MFC Site Plan

Main Level Composite Floor Plan:   Main Level Composite

Lower Level Floor Plan:   Lower Level

House Main Level Floor Plan:   Main Level

House Upper Level Floor Plan:  Upper Level

Roof Plan:   Roof Plan

South Elevation:   South elevation

East Elevation:   East Elevation

West Elevation:   West Elevation

North Elevation:   North Elevation

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