Master bedroom window seat and book case are in ~ Gingerbread House is D-O-N-E!

20March17 – Steve has spent the last 6 days (5 of them with a nasty cold)

  1. Making the master window seat bookcases only to re-do them so they are centered on the wall.  The original Maple Forest Cottage has them set over to the window side and we thought we could live with that.  Until we realized we couldn’t – too off center for us.
  2.  Helping install, prime, paint, etc the master window seat.  Now to find new fabric for the cushion (what I bought 2 years ago doesn’t cut it) and try to have that done by our wedding in May. Larry delivered it and the foyer settee  base last Tuesday.  That was so exciting – we’ve been waiting literally, years, for these two pieces!  Steve will “now”  finish the settee with it’s curved maple & cherry top and lacquer the wood.

My Gingerbread house is D-O-N-E for this year.  OMG,  4 months of my life constructing this little replica (almost) of our Maple Forest Cottage.  It’s time to move on to other things!  I am pleased with how it came out, however, and enjoyed bringing it to life.  I’ll store it in the mud room up on top of the red storage cabinet I got last month.

One by one we’re dealing with the final things on our punch list…..

March 2017 Finishing up our MFC odds and ends…

10Mar17 – Steve is under the wire to get all Our Maple Forest Cottage odds and ends finished up.  We’ve set our wedding date for May 27th and the deal is the house will be “done” by then.  So after a couple of months off from working on the house, Steve is back in the saddle tackling those not-so-exciting finishing touches.

I, meanwhile, am still working on my gingerbread house!  Ha!  Just need to add the porch/deck railing, add the snow, and put a bow around it and it’s done!

My long awaited Rojo Cabinet from Crate and Barrel finally arrived – on my Birthday no less!  How very exciting – I’ve been imagining that in my mud room for about 3 year now, working on Steve to go with a red cabinet.  His ‘yes’ was a wonderful way to turn ah, 64.  Ugh…..

First Snow of the New Year!

15Jan17 – Last weekend we got a whopping 7″ of snow in Creston.  That’s BIG for our mountain!  Out came the plastic sleds and texts to neighbors for sledding down Tanager Lane….

Still working on our Maple Forest Cottage gingerbread house.  I want to keep it fun!

Happy New Year!

02Jan17 – Where did Fall go?  Here we are already in the New Year.  Here’s to a prosperous and happy one for all of you!  May your dreams come true.

The Holidays were a blurr, but so enjoyable.  We were so busy getting our FL Keys’ homes ready for market 5 & 6 years ago and then spending the last four years building our Maple Forest Cottage that Christmas has taken a back seat for a long while.  We were in the Christmas spirit this year being in our “completed” home for the Holidays.  Steve made me a cherry mantle for my gift and I love it!  I’m giving him lumber to make the stadium seating in the media room.

I’ve even started a MFC gingerbread house (with alterations, of course) that probably won’t be finished until February – but it’s such fun creating it

Paving the driveway!

19Oct16 – They paved the driveway last week!  WOW – it really adds to the curb appeal of our Maple Forest Cottage.  It is lousy timing financially, but the paving Company (Burnett’s Paving) is doing work on Creston roads (his equipment is already here) and we were able to rally 4 other owners to pave their driveways (yeah!) so he gave us a nice discount.  Most pavers in this area won’t even come up to do just a driveway (too small a job).  So, we bit the bullet.  We are so pleased.  So much smoother to drive on and the dust has become almost non-existent, never mind those little pebbles that were making their way into the house!

The driveway gets graded for paving!

11Oct16 – There is roadwork being done in Creston and we were able to get a good deal on paving our driveway, especially since we rallied 3 other owners to do the same.  The timing isn’t the greatest for us, but it’s hard to get a paving company up here on the mountain for just a driveway job.  It’s one of those not-so-exciting expenditures, but we’re finding it a necessary one….


The back porch takes shape – Whoo Hoo!

26Sep16 – The back porch is really taking shape.  It’s been used as the workshop (among other places….) as we were building and we’ve been waiting for over 2 years to be at a point where we can add this last “room” to our Maple Forest Cottage.  We’ve already read the Sunday paper there, had two meals and watched the reflection of a gorgeous sunset on the valley.  I’m in love with this space and we’ve even got a good few weeks to enjoy it before the jackets & blankets come out along with fires in the fireplace!

Constructing again! The back porch….

21Sep16 – Happy Last Day of Summer!  It sure has flown by….We are finally getting below 80 degrees and Fall’s soft dry breeze is here.  Aaaaahhhh.

We’ve begun work on the back porch!  We’re both so excited to see it starting to take shape.  The last work was done exactly a year ago when Micah helped Steve put up the ceiling and shake the inside of the North gable.

My goal is to make this space our “Rustic Cabin in the Woods” and hoping Steve will go along with the vision.  Weather permitting, I think this may become my favorite room in the Maple Forest Cottage; besides the Kitchen, Living room, Library, Master bd/ba, Yoga room, mud room….

you get the idea. 😊

Finishing the ceiling under the deck – well, almost….

02Sep16 – Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Labor Day is observed on the first Monday in September and pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. Did you know that it was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894?  Work has been around a long time…..

We’ve been enjoying Summer on the mountain and our Maple Forest Cottage. It’s really home now.  Work has slowed down as we are so near the end of construction and other responsibilities have taken priority.


More finishing details and the Dining Room chairs are delivered!!

31Jul16 –  Bit by bit, our Maple Forest Cottage is coming into it’s own. The kitchen shoe mold and all knobs and pulls are in.  Steve’s working on the laundry room railing as I write.

And the dining room chairs were delivered last week, just hours before we were going to entertain our best buddies from the Florida Keys!  Our first dinner in the dining room was wonderful.  We even had two other mountain friends over to join the four of us the next night. I’m thinking there will be a lot of good memories made around this dining room table!

Steve & I went on our 6th Rim Hike of the year and so far it is our favorite:  Patton’s Table near Mount Mitchell off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We spent a good amount of time hiking through what I call The Enchanted Forest – it was like being in a fairy tale hobbit land.  I’ve included some pics of that, too.